Bellezastars provides advanced technology systems specifically designed for your business. We pride ourselves on delivering IPL and laser machines to customers for over ten years. With this reputation comes with a commitment to customer service and a strong desire to see businesses fully trained in the IPL systems.

Highly organised, the training is tailored to both the equipment systems purchased and your staffs’ initial skill level. We provide preliminary training free of charge across the entire range of Bellezastars’ equipment. It runs for two or three days depending on the model and specifications of the equipment used.

On completion of the world-class training program, we present operators with a certificate of competency, proving their aptitude on the equipment to all future clients. The training also covers the practical consultation process and contraindications of different treatment methods.

What do the classes contain?

Bellezastars provides training one equipment purchased from our company. Including all our second generation Intense Pulsed Light system used for permanent skin rejuvenation. Safe, fast and reliable, our machines have the lowest running costs in the market. The training modules include a basic introduction to IPL and Laser systems, the interaction between light and skin, how different types affect the treatments and performing consultations. They also include classes on safety elements such as pre/post treatment precautions, contraindications, patch test protocols and tips for safe, effective treatments. Certain models also include training in facial threats, such as veins and acne alongside the core hair removal and skin rejuvenation information. The complete training package covers the entire range of Laser and IPL systems.

What will I gain from your course?

Bellezastars’s training provides a solid foundation in their IPL and Laser technology. To help you understand and operate the advanced technology, we deliver extensive practical ‘hands on’ training. Bellezastars will also guide you in creating promotion strategies, which are an excellent way to increase your profit and double your turnover. By creating skilled operators and advanced beauty equipment, we aim to give your customers more options for lasting, permanent hair reduction.

Can I operate other laser or IPL systems after completing the course?

Once you have completed the Bellezastars course, you are fully qualified to use Bellezastars ’s systems. The theoretical knowledge is then completely transferable to all IPL and laser technology systems.

How many students will attend the course?

We have space at Bellezastars for up to six students per course.

How often do you hold the training?

The courses run from Monday through to Thursday each week. They run from 9:30 am to approximately 4:30 pm, each day.

Where is our training course?

503-2, ShouNan Center, Yinzhou, Ningbo, China