Service & Technical Support

Bellezastars is the Chinese leading manufacture and provider of aesthetic equipment to the medical beauty industries. Our company have a well trained technical support team. All our technicians are qualified and strictly trained by our technical department.

1. Install Service*

For new purchaser, we supply completely install service. Once technician get equipment install notify of the regional purchaser, will contact purchaser to determine the installation time, location and personnel allocation in the first time. We provide equipment installation and commissioning services to ensure it in good, normal condition to clinical operation.

*Limited to our company location and the dealer service area.

2. Maintenence Service

When the equipment failure, in the shortest period of time and under the conditions agreed by both parties complete equipment maintenance is invariant technical maintenance team self requirements, we are committed to:

Response within 8 hours
Arrived at the scene within 48 hours.
7*24 hours maintenance service (Except for statutory holidays and special circumstances)

3. Operation Training Support

An effective course of treatment, in addition to the need for good hardware support, with correct and skillful experience of clinical operations is the core competitiveness. As a service team, we have put forward higher requirements to the clinical staff.

The extensive reference to domestic and international experts to guide clinical materials, we continue to improve equipment clinical skills, learning more devices using experience, and teach our users these devices operating technology, clinical experience, so that they can feel the effectiveness of the product, and increase the confidence of the product. At the same time, we also attach great importance to customer feedback, problems encountered in any process, clinical experience acquired, we will summary analysis, and timely share these valuable and feasible clinical solutions to users.

4. Equipment Update Service

Medical aesthetic technology is developing rapidly, new technology will bring new market demand. We will introduce new products and functions timely, and provide new functions of installation and training services. At the same time, we also accept trade-in services.​

5. Marketing Support

Including promotional copy, posters, video, license and other material
Provide beauty market operations which suitable for China , to help the beauty salon quickly locate the target market
Provide support for market activities based on the use of the products, to help achieve the best results
Official website, Wechat, Wechat public platform and other news push, interaction, etc.

For assistance around the clock, on holidays or weekends?

The Ningbo Bellezastars Co., Ltd. does not follow normal business hours! Our company operates around the clock and is always available for our customers!

You have questions about a purchase, the order process or the product?

No problem, we have a solution suitable for you. Our 24 × 7-standby is available for our customers around the clock, 365 days a year. Talk to us, we will offer individual solutions.

You can contact our Service Support Team as follows:

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