World First Acoustic Resonance Full Body Massage Device

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  • World First Acoustic Resonance Full Body Massage Device
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  • World First Acoustic Resonance Full Body Massage Device, sonic massage device, Dolcewave Acoustic Stimulator Sound Massage Boady Massage Instrument, Korea Dolcewave Acoustic Stimulator World First Acoustic Resonance Massage Device for Full body Massage

    World First Acoustic Resonance Full Body Massage Device BLS1254
    Slimming: it delivers sound wave deep into the subcutaneous fat, effectively massage the cellulite, and has excellent slimming effect.
    Relieve sarcolemma pain: easy to solve various forms of pain and inconvenience caused by sarcolemma problems, and it is more precise and convenient than acupuncture points.
    Improve skin texture: Improve pigmentation, restores elasticity and Improves wrinkles.
    Skin tightening: make collagen and elastic tissue firm and grab the contours of your face.

    Dolce wave acoustics stimulator
    The sonic massage device gently transmits the vibration of natural sound to the skin, muscles, ligament and joint. Achieve effective massage. the vibration of the sound helps to stimulate the body’s perception and cells, thereby reducing pressure.
    Stimulate local parts by expanding the effects of sound pressure.

    Sound Wave Body Massager Head Massage Machine Technical Parameter
    Part No. BLS1254
    Model Name Korea Dolcewave Acoustic Stimulator
    Function Body Healthcare Massage
    Technology World First Acoustic Resonance Massage
    Sound Wave Mode A ~ Mode D
    Function 1 Release /Relax body /Body Pain Relife
    Function 2 EMS Electrostimulation
    Function 3 Accelerate Blood
    Voltage 110V/220V 50-60Hz

    Operating heads and massage modes
    mode A, subtle sound waves, 120 beats per minute acupuncture points, fascial massage.
    mode B, soft sound waves, 240 beats per minute scalp, face, fascia.
    mode C, powerful sound waves, 480 beats per minute scalp, fascial massage.
    mode D, the sound wave of music, vibrating according to the rhythm of music, synchronous massage of music.

    Type:Body Massager
    Product Name:full body massage
    Technology:World First Acoustic Resonance Massage
    Keywords:Head massage body massage eye massage back massage
    Functions 1:full body massage
    Functions 2:pain treatment
    Original country:korean
    Certificate:CE Certificate
    Warranty:One Year
    Service:OEM ODM

    World First Acoustic Resonance Full Body Massage Device Features

    • Stimulate fascia, ligament, tendon to improve muscular skeletal disease
    • Accelerates lymph circulation and drainage
    • Efficient treatment for subcutaneous & visceral fat and cellulite
    • Relieve stress by the simulation of scalp muscle