Vertical Ultrashape V3 System For Body Sculpting

/Vertical Ultrashape V3 System For Body Sculpting
  • Vertical Ultrashape V3 System For Body Sculpting
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    Vertical Ultrashape V3 System For Body Sculpting Parameter:
    Model Number: BLS1213
    Product name: ultrasound slimming
    Handle number: 2
    application parts: waist\abdomen\leg\Back and other
    Function: Body Slimming
    Operation System: Ultrasonic
    Technology Adopted: Fat 3D positioning system & FUS technology
    Working Frequency: 200 ± 30 KHz
    application: salon or clinic
    Warranty: 3 years warranty of machine main body
    Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60Hz
    Certificate: CE

    Overview: Fat 3D positioning system & FUS technology & Waves vest Beauty Machine Made in China

    Fat 3D positioning system: Capable of accurate positioning of fat cells, and calculate the energy required for every shot, to avoid repeating the same applied to the treatment area to play. In ensuring the effectiveness of the premise, to prevent postoperative uneven, redness, burns and other adverse symptoms.

    FUS technology: Under the sonic fat cell membrane was adjusted with a similar resonance frequency, so that it does not damage blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue under the premise of effectively shatter the fat cell membrane. Focused ultrasound energy directly to subcutaneous fat can make the body surface temperature rise of less than 0.5 centigrade, effective way to avoid burns and other adverse reactions. Body Sculpting Weight Loss Ultrashape Machine

    Waves vest: Rapid downsizing often bring loose skin, orange peel and other phenomena, but Ultrasharp gifted plastic vest wave function, can effectively tighten the skin, remove cellulite. So you have a perfect curve.
    ultrashape medical Features:
    1. all imported parts of ultrashape machine.
    2. one treatment, one hour, visible ultrashape results.
    3. no downtime, non- invasive, painless at all.
    4. visibal results after each treatment, and will not rebounce.
    5. Painless at all, comfortable treatment.
    6. professonal ultrashape gel for sale, too.


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