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  • UV Sterilizer LED Disinfection Device
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  • UV Sterilizer LED Disinfection Device BLS1298, UVKILL Beauty Disinfector Box, Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Box Cleaning Tool for Nail Nippers, Tweezers & Cleaning Toothbrush, Mobile Phone, Killed Bacteria 99.9%

    UV Sterilizer LED Disinfection Device Specifications:
    Part No. BLS1298 / BLS-UVKILL-01
    Battery Type Polymer Rechargeable Battery 3.7V
    Rated sterilization time 99.9%
    sterilizing rate 150 S
    Battery standby time one month
    Usage scenario Home,Office,Car ,Makert
    Item Type: Nail Art Equipment
    Material: ABS
    Color: White
    Size: approx. 24.6 * 11 * 71 cm
    Package Weight: approx. 450g
    Function: Nail Art Tools Sterilizing

    Package list:
    1 x Disinfection Box
    1 x USB Cable

    People under 12 years old are not allowed to operate the box.
    Do not open the box cover while operation.
    Do not wash the box by water, and clean by wet paper or towel.

    Advanced Technology — By using ultraviolet light (ultraviolet C), 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mold can be effectively killed or inactivated.
    Embedded Fail Safe Function — Each disinfection session is automatically set for 2 minutes and automatically turned off. The UV light turns off automatically when you open the lid to prevent the leakage of UV rays
    Portable — It is discreet, compact and portable and can be used at home or while traveling.
    Easy to Use — USB charging, built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 50 times full charge operation.
    Wide Application — Perfectly sterilizable for tools such as nail nippers, tweezers, salon peeler, eyebrow beauty and tattoo needles. Adapter power supply, fast disinfection

    UV Sterilizer which combines UV Sanitizing and Ozonization. The product is compact, fashionable and artistic in appearance and convenient to carry. It is a health partner for carrying over during a trip.

    1. Open thepackage, connect the USB power line to DC socket of product and then connectthe product to AC power supply. The indicator lamp will be on(red).
    2. As indicated at the position of“OPEN”, push the upper cover leftward to unfold the upper cover and theindicator lamp will turn red and flash. Put an item into the storage box andthen close the upper cover.
    3. PressON/OFF button and the indicator lamp will be on (turn green), indicating thatthe product starts to operate.
    4. The defaulted sterilization duration is 8 minutes. The product will stop working after the end of the defaulted duration.

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