UV Mask Sanitizer Sterilizer Ultraviolet-C Nail Art Equipment

/UV Mask Sanitizer Sterilizer Ultraviolet-C Nail Art Equipment
  • UV Mask Sanitizer Sterilizer Ultraviolet-C Nail Art Equipment
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  • UV Mask Sanitizer Sterilizer Ultraviolet-C Nail Art Equipment BLS1298 , Portable UV Sanitzier Box for All Mask Phone Jewelry Watch, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Disinfection Box, Automatic Kill Coronavirus UV lamp Ultra Ultraviolet Sterilizer Case

    UV Mask Sanitizer Sterilizer Ultraviolet-C Nail Art Equipment SPECIFICATION:
    Part No. BLS1298 / BLS-UVKILL-01
    Light Source: UV Light (253.57nm)
    Power Source: Type-C Cable
    Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS
    Material: ABS and PC
    Color: White,Dark gree
    Size: approx. 24.6 * 11 * 71 cm
    Package Weight: approx. 450g
    Function: Sterilizing for daiy necessities
    Package list:1 x Disinfection Box1 x USB Cable
    Note:People under 12 years old are not allowed to operate the box.Do not open the box cover while
    operation.Do not wash the box by water, and clean by wet paper or towel

    Fully Enclosed Structure -‘Adopting a fully enclosed structure, seamless and light-proof, wont leak ultraviolet light. You can keep your sterilized item in the box and take it out when use to prevent chemical residue and secondary pollution from air.
    Compact Portable -‘Compact size and lightweight, easy to carry around and use anywhere. Universal USB port charging design, convenient and practical. Perfect for home, office, travel, business trip and so forth.
    One-Button Operation ‘Very simple to use with only one button, sterilize bacteria on items and let your safely pass the susceptibility period. The switch button with LED light to indicate the working status of the sterilizer box.
    One Box Plays Multi Roles -‘Sterilize smartphone to keep germs away from your hand; Sterilize face mask to maintain the protective effect and prolong its service life. Besides, it can also disinfect keys, toothbrush, jewelry, makeup brushes etc. Best gift for yourself and anyone who cares about hygiene.
    3mins Fast Sterilizing -‘This sterilizer box adopts ultraviolet disinfection technology, using a high-intensity ultraviolet light to destroys the DNA of microorganisms to kill bacteria and other pathogens to achieve the purpose of sterilization. The sterilizing rate is high up to 99.9%.

    All-Purpose Sterilizer Box-Clean for salon barber nail tool, headphones, hearing aids, stethoscope, denture, lingerie, toys and so on. The whole process (ozone generation – clean completed – ozone decomposed into oxygen) produces no pollutant or residue. safety and environmental disinfection mode!
    Advanced UV-C Light – This UV sterilization box with reflective glass provides 360° protection for universal support. UV sterilizing lamp strength is equal to more than 20 times the intensity of the sun.8 min quick completion of disinfection. Away from infection, healthy life! Portable Automatic Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box Toothbrush Face Mask Earphone Mobile Phone, Portable Automatic Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box Toothbrush Face Mask Earphone Mobile Phone

    Utilizing advanced ultraviolet light(Ultraviolet-C) to effectively kill or inactivate 99.9%of bacteria,
    virus and molds. It is discreet, compact and portable, can be used at home or for travel. USB charge, built-in
    lithium ion rechargeable battery that up to 50 times operation per full charge. Human-sense design ensures
    effortless operation, each sanitizing session is automatically timed for 2 minuted and will automatically shut
    off. Embedded fail-safe feature that it will automatically shut off if the device is opened ot tipped over during
    operation. Detachable tray design for convenient use. Use for sterilizing the metal nail art tools. Such as
    tweezers, nail nippers, salon peelers etc.

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