SU Needle Free Mesotherapy Face Lifting Machine

/SU Needle Free Mesotherapy Face Lifting Machine
  • SU Needle Free Mesotherapy Face Lifting Machine
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  • SU Needle Free Mesotherapy Face Lifting Machine BLS1200, Korean Su Portable Ultrasonic Needle Free Mesotherapy Face Lifting Beauty Machine, Factory price use in wrinkle removal and skin care needleless injector high quality beauty machine

    SU Needle Free Mesotherapy Face Lifting Machine Parameters:
    Part No. BLS1200
    Type SU No Needle Aqua Injector
    Power(Level) Lv1-5 (20-80W)
    ON/OFF Switching Button
    Tip Moving Hand-piece
    Control Dial Button
    Hammer Frequency (Hz) 20-100Hz
    Weight 5kg
    Dimensions 310(W)*310(D)*415(H)mm

    The introduction of No-needle Aqua Injector
    The use of a voltage-type ultrasonic cosmetic mechanical handle tip to promote the cosmetic effect of the skin of the drug or cosmetic skin to the depth of the skin.

    The Principle of No-needle Aqua Injector
    The tip of the SU handle is quickly enhanced to deeply absorb and penetrate the skin by drugs and cosmetics.
    It can achieve the uniform distribution effect of the original skin depth (2-6mm).
    SU PT-CN is very fast to introduce with the product. For example, only about 15% of the product is infiltrated into the dermis by hand massage. With our SU PT-CN, 90% can penetrate into the dermis and penetrate into the dermis is very fast.

    SU-How to use
    1. Confirm the normal startup of the product (confirm the power switch and handle link)
    2. Transfer button to select the level value and power frequency required for beauty.
    3. Grind the medicine or cosmetic on the skin surface.
    4. Touch the tip of the handle to the skin surface.
    5. Press and hold the button to initiate a slight frictional movement of the device to penetrate the skin surface into the deeper layers of the skin.

    SU-Product Features
    1. Through the product to convey the activation of the drug, quickly penetrate into the skin.
    2. Considering the simplification of the consumer’s product is minimized.
    3. Semi-permanent hand handle device.
    4. No need for anesthesia without painful cosmetic procedures.
    5. Simple and ultra-fast beauty time and process required.

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