Secret RF Micro Needle Fractional Radio-frequency System

/Secret RF Micro Needle Fractional Radio-frequency System
  • Secret RF Micro Needle Fractional Radio-frequency System
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  • Secret RF Micro Needle Fractional Radio-frequency System BLS1204, 2019 New design vertical gold rf fractional micro needle scars removal machine, micro needle fractional rf system anti-wrinkle beauty machine

    Secret RF Micro Needle Fractional Radio-frequency System Parameters
    Part No. BLS1204
    Dual Operation Mode Microneedle RF, Fractional RF
    System Type Monopolar & Bipolar RF
    Frequency 2Mhz
    RF Intensity Level 1-10
    Max.Engery   50W
    Micro Needle Tip Insulated needle tip, Non-insulated needle tip
    Depth of Needle 0.5-3.0mm (adjustable)
    Pulse duration 100-900ms
    Switch Foot Switch, button
    Screen 10.4 inch LCD touch screen

    Working Principle

    Fractional RF Needle System through the special design of many fractional needles point array, the high speed digital motor controls order through the epidermis and the dermis accurate to control the depth of 0.25-3mm, again by the end of the lattice needle release RF, stimulate collagen and elastic tissue, and is the epidermal layer is safe, RF energy can well to penetrate to the dermis, stimulate collagen protein hyperplasia, not only is the best way to improve the scars, but also long-term tightening skin wrinkles induced the good method.

    Fractional Micro Needle RF system is a ideal technology for skin rejuvenation by applying preciously controlled RF energy directly into a certain depth of dermis with minimally invasive micro needles Such an ideal combination of micro needling plus RF energy reduces treatment time and recovery time significantly differentiating from fractional laser based treatment.
    Moreover, fractional Micro needle RF system can be treated irregardless of skin type, even darker skin with low risk of skin burns and PIH comparing with other laser treatment. Portable Vacuum Cavitation RF Beauty Equipment


    1. Anti-wrinkle, firming the skin, improve pseudo wrinkles, dissolving fat, shaping and lifting.
    2. Rapidly improve the dull and lusterless symptom, enhance dry skin and sallow complexions, brighten the skin and make it more tender.
    3. Actively promote facial lymph circulation, solve the problem of skin edema.
    4. Lifting and tightening the skin, effectively solving the problem of facial sagging, shaping delicate face, repairing stretch marks.
    5. Removing black rim of the eye, eye bags and wrinkles around the eye.
    6. Shrinking the pores, repairing blain scar, calming skin.