ROSPURE Oxygen Jet Peel Hydrodermabrasion Facial Machine

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  • ROSPURE Oxygen Jet Peel Hydrodermabrasion Facial Machine
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    ROSPURE Oxygen Jet Peel Hydrodermabrasion Facial Machine   PARAMETERS
    Part No.: BLS1417
    Vacuum power 630mmHg max.
    High-frequency scalpe 25Khz (energy level 10 regulation)
    Packing size 53*42*65
    Gross weight 13KG

    The smart ice blue skin management system (hereinafter referred to as “this product “) is tocollect facial skin detail images through 10 million pixel high-definition micro-range camera combined with three-spectral imaging technology, through intelligent diagnosis and analysis ofartificial intelligence core engine,8 dimension fine items to detect skin problems, and accordingto the diagnosis results of private customized beauty care program and intelligent recommendation of professional skin care products; Combined with the techniques of” ultrasonicshovel knife “,” bubble “,” nano atomization “,” ultrasonic wave “,” gold radio frequency “,” icerepair “and so on, the six high configuration beauty functions comprehensively manage the skin,combine the results of AI skin diagnosis with skin care products and other skin care items, and develop a multi-functional integrated equipment for skin detection and management.

    1) multi-function integration: this product sets skin detection, custom beauty program, product push; basic beauty care, cuticle cuticle cleaning, deep cleaning, deep hydration and nourishing,anti-aging maintenance, sedation and repair functions in one one machine multi-energy, marketdemand is large. Facial Hydra Ultrasound Aqua Derma Peeling Oxygen Microdermabrasion Machine

    2) comfort: the handle appearance design conforms to the human body engineering mechanics principle, the material skin friendly feeling is strong, the body feeling is comfortable.

    3) function principle: the core principle of this product is 3 spectrum sampling, AI intelligent skin measurement, push of intelligent products, customization of AI beauty scheme; six nursing functions :” ultrasonic shovel knife “,” atmospheric bubble “,” nano atomization “,” ultrasonic “,”gold radio frequency “,” ice repair “.

    4) operation: AI intelligent analysis, convenient operation, easy to use, no surgery, no broken skin, strong safety.  Facial Skin Care Water Oxygen Jet Peel Portable Hydro Machine

    What are the benefits of an oxygen facial?
    Research on the efficacy of oxygen facials is mixed.  Hydrodermabrasion  Hyperbaric OXYGEN Jet Microdermabrasion Beauty Salon Device
    Anecdotally, many people report that their skin looks healthy and bright after the procedure, and before-and-after pictures support this. However, there’s little scientific research behind these claims.  Multi-Functional Smart Ice Blue Skin Management System

    How does Hydra work?
    Hydra will give you instant and visible results that you can see and feel after each treatment. This patented technology follows a six-step treatment process – Detox, Cleanse and Exfoliation, Brightening, Extraction, Hydration and finally Rejuvenation. Dead skin cells and impurities are removed and the skin is hydrated with antioxidants and peptides. 7 In 1 Portable Oxygen Rf Skin Moisturizer Dermabrasion Aquafacial Skin Whitening Machine

    Will the jet peel facial treatment hurt?
    No, the treatment is not painful at all. The lymphatic drainage step is relaxing and feels like a facial / neck massage. Portable Hydro Hydrodermabrasion Facial Cleaning H2O2 Hydra Water Oxygen Machine

    What can I expect after?
    You’ll see rejuvenation immediately. Skin will be well exfoliated, incredibly smooth, hydrated and have a healthy, dewy and vibrant glow. Immediately after your HydraFacial treatment, skin may appear slightly flushed with some warmth to the treated area, but this will subside within a few hours.  Oxygen Jet Bubble Facial Lifting Hidro Piel Hidratante Skin Care Machine  MultiFunctional 7 in 1 Hydra Oxygen Facial System

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