Slimming Machine Velashape V9 III

/Slimming Machine Velashape V9 III
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  • RF Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine Velashape V9 III for body, face and eyes, velashape v9 6 handles slimming machine body shaping vacuum sucking massage fat removal, Super vacuum roller cellulite massage velashape v9 cavitation 40K newest slimming machine

    RF Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine Velashape V9 III Parameter:

    Part No.  BLS-VSV9-III
    Operation Interface 10.4”High clarity LCD with touch panel
    Pump Suction Rate 16cub.m/h ;20cub.m/h(optional)
    Max. Regulated Vacuum 70 Kpa / 700 mbar
    Wave length of therapy light spectrum
    Red: 620-660 NM
    Blue: 450-475 NM
    RF 3MHZ
    Roller Speed 0-36rpm
    Energy Density of RF 60J/ c m3 (Max)
    Vaccum+RF Heads
    Cavitation Head 4 vacuum head, body , arm , face , Eye for different areas
    I cavitation head 40KHZ
    Power Voltage 200-240V AC/50Hz, or 100-120V AC/60Hz
    Power consumption 700W
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 1150 X 401 X450 mm
    Net Weight 52KG

    Beauty Equipment Made in China Velashape machine has combined with the RF, vacuum, outer automatic roller, infrared light, green light and blue light. it is the new updates velashape technology. It can penetrate the skin to a depth of 15mm by mechanical movement, which is far more than the other devices currently on the market. It only takes 30 minutes to do thigh and buttock treatment so the treatment receivers will feel more comfortable compared with the deep fat massage.

    Working Theropy Of Velashape

    Therapeutic Principle The treatment is a non-invasive procedure, which uses vacuum negative pressure suction to lift the epidermis, derma and subcutaneous fat, then binds and stretches the connective tissues in different cortex, which can effectively breaks down the subcutaneous fat and squeezes capillary vessel, and promotes the metabolism of the tissue by quickened four times. Also the fat cells changed into fatty acids after passive movement and are expelled out of the body during daily life without notice. SHR Elight RF Nd yag Laser 3 in 1 Hair Removal Device

    It combined with the RF, vacuum, infrared light, cavitation, can treat for arms, thighs, buttocks, neck, face, eyes, etc. Has good effect in body shaping, fat and cellulite reduction, anti-aging, wrinkle removal, skin lifting & tightening, etc.

    The operation handle features

    1. Combined with bi-polar RF and infrared, Blue and Green energy; the vacuum suction coordinated with mechanicalouter automatic rollers
    2. The RF and Red, Blue and Green light therapy generate heat, increasing the oxygen content of skin cells.
    3. The special vacuum roller massage soothes the skin and makes the heat conduction effect better.
    4. It increases the metabolic rate effectively and reduces fat accumulation through lymphatic drainage.
    5.It increases the skin tissue elasticity and makes the skin more smooth and delicate.

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