RF Thermagic Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine For Face Lifting

/RF Thermagic Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine For Face Lifting
  • RF Thermagic Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine For Face Lifting
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  • RF Thermagic Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine For Face Lifting Fractional RF System BLS1338, Non Invasive 5th Thermag rf lifting Machine/ microneedle radiofrequency anti aging rf beauty device, Face Lift and Anti-wrinkle thermagic flx equipment, Multi Function RF Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation Skin Care Beauty Machine China Supplier

    RF Thermagic Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine For Face Lifting Specifications

    Part No. BLS1338
    Product name Portable Thermagic RF Skin Tightening Machine
    Model NO. A0920/A0920B
    RF Frequency 30MHz
    Output Power Max 50W
    Treatment Tip Face tip and Eye tip
    Cooling system Semiconductor cooling, Water cyclical cooling
    Screen Size 8 Inch TFT color screen
    Packing Size 63cm*70cm*132cm
    N.W. 60KG
    Volume Weight 50KG
    Packing Flight case
    Voltage AC 110V/220V,60/50Hz
    System Cooling Method Water+radiator+fans+TEC

    Product Description:
    The latest iteration of themage, and just like its predecessor, it too uses radio-frequency energy to heat the skin from the inside out. By delivering the energy deep below the surface of the skin in a uniform effect, the layers of skin where collagen is produced are heated to smooth out existing collagen and create new collagen.

    1. RF Wrinkle Principle
    Enter into the subcutaneous tissue through the RF to make the natural resistance movement in the subcutaneous tissue’s to generate the heat energy, immediate contraction is generated on the heated collagen, while stimulating the dermis layer to secrete more new collagen to fill the contracted and lost collagen vacancy thus hold up skin scaffolds again and restore the skin elasticity.
    2. RF Technology Skin Renewal Principle
    The electric field and electrode in the cured part of the biological tissue can be changed for millions of times within 1 second by RF system. The charged particles in the tissue will produce rapid Brownian motion at the same frequency to make the tissue produce the columnar distributed heat. The collagen hydrogen structure will be destroyed.
    3. The photothermal principle fractional distributed Fractional
    Distributed Photothermolysis In the RF probe, heat is conducted into the subcutaneous layer by fractional cluster heat transfer method, thus forming a fractional collagen adhesion in the fascia layer, making the tighten skin securely reposition on the collagen scaffolds, in order to achieve the purpose of lifting the face. The key of the fractional cluster heat resource is to overcome the shortcomings that the skin cannot be borne due to the past excessive RF heat resource

    Why should we make marks on the face?
    Thermage is a unipolar radio frequency with relatively deep penetration depth and strong energy.
    When operating thermage, the marks on the face can help the operation safer and more effective. Facelifting Thermagic Fractional RF Machine For Sale
    It can ensure that each radio frequency energy is evenly transmitted to the deep layer of the dermis, avoiding repeated operations on a single site. Also it can make sure not to miss a certain part, so that the perfect desired effect can be achieved after treatment.
    It not only promotes the regeneration of collagen, but also avoids the side effects caused by excessive energy, so making marks on the face is a typical operation of standard treatment!

    Q1: Are you manufacture or trading company?
    –We are the professional manufacture 20 years of experience in the laser industry in China, can meet all your custom needs, like screen design, language, logo, package, etc. Portable Thermagic RF Skin Tightening Machine Fractional RF System
    Q2: What is your hot products?
    –Diode laser hair removal machine, picosecond laser machines, HI-EMT slim beauty machines are our best selling machines and our customers are satisfied with our products. 5th Generation Thermaga FLX Machine Best for Anti Aging
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    –Yes, we can. We support OEM with certain quantity.
    Q4: What’s your delivery time?
    –We deliver the goods within 3-5 working days after your payment, except for pre-orders.
    Q5: How to deliver is usually the most convenient way?
    –DHL/UPS/TNT/Fedex and other air shipments and sea shipments are all workable. In one words, we could do any shipments you wanted.

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