RET RF for Face Lift / RF Body Slimming Machine

/RET RF for Face Lift / RF Body Slimming Machine
  • RET RF for Face Lift RF Body Slimming Machine
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  • RET RF for Face Lift / RF Body Slimming Machine BLS1208, RET(Resistive Electric Transfer) Targeted Radio Frequency Diathermy Therapy Device, RET RF body slimming RET for salon use Deep cellulite removal machine

    RET RF for Face Lift / RF Body Slimming Machine Parameters:
    Part No. BLS1208
    Name RET Targeted rf Diathermy Therapy
    Power 14W (Standby), 21W (Working)
    Frequency 0.448MHz
    Energy 1-20 J / m
    Operating Modes High Frequency
    Operating Handpieces Big size(for Body), Middle size (for Leg), Small size(for Face)
    Power Supply AC 110-220V,50-60Hz
    Packing size 44*43*22cm
    G/W 11kg

    1.Product Description
    The RET(Resistive Electric Transfer)Targeted Radio frequency Diathermy Therapy Device works deeper targeted tissue than current superficial diathermy therapy devices.It transfers high frequency electromagnetic energy through the tissues of the body creating selective tissue hyperthermy, it can decompose body fatty cell ,so as to loss weight.
    The Resistive Electrical Transfer (RET), introduced in Spain in 1994 , is different from the CET in that basically the application electrode is not insulated, allowing the current to be transferred directly to the patient with less dispersion, thus obtaining an increase in temperature at a greater depth.

    RET can penetrate energy into body tissue to create hyperthermy on visceral fatty layer, and improve tissue lymph circulation and metabolism, so it works better effect to burn fat and reduce cellulite. It can be operated on
    abdomen,thighs,arms,buttocks and other body parts.Such as it can slim about 4-5inches of abdominal fat within one month,not only can slim body,also restore the elasticity of the part. Facial Threading Treatment

    RET’s weight loss application is non-surgical, nearly pain-free,no ecchymosis and swelling.It will not bring inconvenience of your life. The method does not cause pigmentation, surgical lines and uneven skin phenomenon, so that it’s a popular choice to the people fearing with surgery. The RET device will be a significant replacement method to lose weight over the normal surgical cellulite reduction methods.

    Face and Neck Lifting & Remodeling
    – Tightening and lifting flaccid areas of the face
    – Reduces Wrinkles
    – Lift Sagging Skin
    – Enhances luminosity of the skin
    – Fat Reduction
    – Body Remodeling
    – Cellulite Treatment and skin partial reconstruction
    – Increase Collagen Level
    – Tighten loose skin
    – Muscle relaxation,edema reduction,pain relief