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  • Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Pigment Removal Device
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  • Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Pigment Removal Device BLS4901, Portable yag laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal laser equipment for sale, 1064nm 532nm Q-Switch Salon use portable tattoo remove machine, ND YAG Laser Tattoo removal Korea

    Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Pigment Removal Device Technical Paramete
    Part No. BLS4901
    Cooling condition Wind system+closed circulating+cooling system
    Laser type Q-Switch Nd Yag
    Laser wavelength 1064nm/532nm/1320nm
    Laser output power 350W
    The pulse energy 0~2000mJ
    Pulse width 10ns
    Packing size 45×60×51cm
    Weight N.W:13kg G.W:18KG
    Voltage 110V/220V,50Hz/60Hz

    Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Pigment Removal Device  Application
    1) Removal of eyebrow line, eye line, lip line…etc
    2) Removal of tattoo(red, blue, black…etc)
    3) Clearance speckle, black naevus, fleck, age spots…etc
    4) Removal of vascular lesion and spider vessel…etc

    Tattoo Removal System 1064 Nm 532nm Nd Yag Laser

    Tattoo Removal System 1064 Nm 532nm Nd Yag Laser

    The energy of Q-switched ND: YAG laser can be absorbed by the blue and black melanin. The melanin will be fragmented so small that they can be metabolized by the lymphatic system or egested out of body. Thus the tattoo or other pigmentations will be removed without damage to the normal tissue. The treatment is safe and convenient without downtime and side effects. Q-Switch Salon Use Nd Yag Laser

    Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Pigment Removal Device Features:
    Advanced flash computer calculater: lamp computer calculater system always show how many flashes you have used.
    Easier operation: 130mm screen, on which the six applications are independent and each of them have settings memory system.
    Safer working: waterflow and waterlevel systems keep valueable optic components always in definite safe condition. Optical components are never burnt out.
    Easier installation: plug-and-play connectors.
    Minimum energy loss: ceramic silver-gilt lumen refelcts diffuse light onto laser rod to produce stronger power.

    Remove all kinds of tattoo.
    Remove pigmentation formed by pathological changes of pigment skin and mixed color, dermis spot, fleck, black nevus, age pigment, birthmark and Nevus of Ota.
    Remove all kinds of embroider eyebrow tattoo, embroider lip tattoo, soak lip tattoo, embroider eye line tattoo and lip line tattoo

    Portable yag laser tattoo removal device handle

    Portable yag laser tattoo removal device handle

    Our Services
    Warranty Skalet offer 1 year free warranty, lifetime maintan, 24 hours on-line service. q switch salon use nd yag laser
    We have Specific aftersale service Regulations which would be wirtten on the last page of our machine’s user manual. And we will offer the service to you according to the regulation strictly.

    OEM/ODM Service
    1. Software adjustment (logo &menu design, different languages)
    2. Unique machine shape design
    3. Treatment handle, filters design.
    4. Package (style, material, label design)
    5. According to the budget, machine weight, size, provides reasonable projects.

    Once you buy machines from us,we supply professional training for you. Detailed user manual, Video, online service are the basis training. Moreover, we teach how to use the machine and how to do the treatments step by step. Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment

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