Professional Skin Care PicoSure Laser For Acne Removal Pigment Removal

/Professional Skin Care PicoSure Laser For Acne Removal Pigment Removal
  • Professional Skin Care PicoSure Laser For Acne Removal Pigment Removal
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  • Advantages of Picosecond Laser Pico Laser Beauty Machine
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  • Professional Skin Care PicoSure Laser For Acne Removal Pigment Removal BLS1331, Pico Laser Freckle Removal Picosecond Laser Diode Laser 755 808 1064nm, 808+1064+755nm Pico Laser System, Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Salon Multi-function Beauty Machine, Picosecond laser Skin therapy equipment China supplier factory

    Professional Skin Care PicoSure Laser For Acne Removal Pigment Removal 755 808 1064nm Machine Specifications
    Part No. BLS1331
    Screen 10.4 inches colourful touch screen
    Laser bars Germany Imported Laser Bars
    Diode laser spot size 15*15mm,15*20mm
    Q-Switch Yes
    Laser power 2500w
    Frequency 1-10HZ
    Voltage 110V – 120V / 60 HZ, 200V – 240V/ 50 HZ
    Gross weight 45kg

    Brief Introduction laser hair removal machine/laser hair removal machine
    808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument can in lower energy density mode will be heated to the hair follicle and -10℃,through the treatment of hand with low energy sliding a period of time (in the low frequency condition) hair follicle stem cells and growth is lose growth activity, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

    Professional Skin Care PicoSure 755nm Laser For Acne Removal pigment removal
    The picosecond laser is the newest medical technology that removes black spots and purifies the skin.Picosecond laser uses very short pulse output mode, instead of thermal effect, by the principle of light mechanical shock wave, pigment is “shattered” into finely granular via focused energy, are more likely to be absorbed by the body metabolism. Since the laser pulses is extremely short in nanosecond and comes with super high energy, the pigment mass would swell quickly and break into small pieces, which will be eliminated through metabolism. In the case, the pigment become lighter gradually and finally disappear. Professional DPL OPT IPL Hair Removal Picosecond Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

    1. Suitable for all skins, fit for all part of body
    2. Large integrated laser power supply,good working performance
    3. High power, high energy,quick effect and permanent hair removal
    4. no invasive, no surgery, no injection, no side effect
    5. Big Water Pump,good water circulation
    6. Radiator fan, good heat dissipation

    Picosecond laser:
    1. Short time: only 20-30 minutes for one treatment
    2. Non-invasive: no trauma to skin tissue
    3. No pain: no need for anesthesia, only a slight burning sensation during treatment
    4. No follow-up care required: no special post-operative care required
    5. No side effects: no physical or chemical adverse reactions after treatment
    6. The effect is stable: equivalent to more than ten times of other methods
    7. Safety: Nano-laser and E-light system is a combination of high-tech optics and human bio-engineering technology, which has changed the way of skin rejuvenation in the past.

    Are there any side effect?
    Short-term side effects may include a slight reddening of the skin or local swelling which typically lasts less than an hour or two, although infrequently last a few days. Most clients resume normal activity after their treatments. Occasionally, a slight rash may occur that may last from a few hours to a couple of days. In very rare instacnes, some blistering and discoloration of the skin may occur which are usually only temporary. Pico Laser Freckle Removal Picosecond Laser Diode Laser 755 808 1064nm Machine

    Who is an ideal candidate for laser hair removal?
    The ideal candidate has dark hair and light skin. Dark hairs absorb more of the laser light and lighter skin allows more transmission of the laser light into the follicle. We do safely treat darker skin tones and tanned skin; however, the treatments are most effective when you are your natural skin tone. Non-pigmented hair does not respond to the laser treatments, and electrolysis would be the best permanent

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