Professional No Contact Lumewave Master Fat Reduction Instrument

/Professional No Contact Lumewave Master Fat Reduction Instrument
  • Professional No Contact Lumewave Master Fat Reduction Instrument
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  • Professional No Contact Lumewave Master Fat Reduction Instrument BLS1422, Spaceless Lipolysis Microwave Rf Shaping Lumewave Master Liposuction Lumewave Master Fat Removal Microwave RF Body Contouring Weight Loss System, Lipolaser Slimming Machine Lumewave Master Fat Removal Back Pain Treatment Weight Loss Fat Dissolving Slimming Beauty Machine China Supplier

    Professional No Contact Lumewave Master Fat Reduction Instrument Specification
    Part No. BLS1422
    Microwave Master Fat Removal body slimming Machine
    Input Voltage 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
    Power 500W
    Frequency 27.13MHz
    Mode continuous / pulse
    Screen 8inch color touch screen
    Net Weight 37kg
    Gross Weight 63kg
    Packing Size 103*56*60cm
    Operation Conditions
    Ambient Temperature +10℃ to +30℃ (+50℉ to 86℉)
    Relative Humidity 30% to 75%
    Atmospheric Presure 700hPa to 1060hPa
    Transpot and Storage Conditions
    Ambient Temperature -10℃ to +55℃ (+14℉ to 131℉)
    Relative Humidity 10% to 88%
    Atmospheric Presure 650hPa to 1100hPa
    Target Area Body, Butt, Face
    Function Body Sculpting Body Slimming Muscle Building Fat Burner
    Single package 108*76*66CM

    Microwave radiofrequency technology uses non-contact treatment to transmit high-frequency wave energy to the fat layer without damaging the skin and muscles. The microwave radiofrequency field generated within the coverage area of the treatment head can selectively heat the large area of adipose tissue uniformly to a temperature a number of degrees higher than the body temperature, generally 45℃ to 49℃, inducing the natural death of fat cells and prompting them to be discharged from the body. Lumewave Master Microwave RF Fat Removal Reduce Fat Machine

    Bio-thermal effect is: when the human body tissues are irradiated by microwaves, the body’s polarized molecules, such as water molecules, under the action of microwave high-speed flip, friction so that the temperature of the tissues gradually rise, so it will make the human body tissues to produce a bio-thermal effect, and to obtain the medical effect, and destruction of hyperplasia tissues. Heat vasodilatation caused by increased blood flow, increase capillary pressure, increase the permeability of cell membranes and accelerate metabolism, so that muscle relaxation, eliminate spasm and relieve muscle spasms, to achieve the purpose of soothing and anti-inflammatory and other purposes, warming requirements are not stringent, characterized by the need to undress.

    Treatment Time
    Once a week for a course of 4 treatments. Each treatment is about 15-20minutes. The time of irradiation of the same part of the body should not exceed 20min.
    Treatment times depend on the required depth and area of treatment. Shorter times should be used for areas of small tissue volume. Longer times should be used for larger tissue volume. Microwave Rf Spaceless Body Slimming Machine Lumewave Master

    Professional Lumewave Non-Invasive Fat Dissolving Infrared Cellulite Reduction Weight Los Green Light 532nm 10D Laser Machine, Non-Invasive Infrared Cellulite Reduction Lumewave Fat Dissolving Instrument
    With the 532nm cold source laser, the 8 adjustable laser heads target the fat cell beneath the treatment areas, creating a temporary pore within the fat cell, the fatty liquids can drain out of the cell, the volume of the fat cell is reduced.  China Lumewave Master Microwave Rf Fat Dissolving Equipment
    Eliminate excess fat in the abdomen, waist, back, buttocks, thighs, butterfly sleeves, double chin, and more, reduce the circumference of the treatment area to create an overall slimming effect.  Hot Selling Body Shaping Spacelesslipolysis Lumewave Master System Microwave Thermotherapy

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