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  • Portable Water Oxygen Beauty Equipment BLS1137, Needle Free Mesotherapy Beauty Instrument, Non-invasive Needleless Water Instrument, Korea Skin Rejuvenation no-needle mesotherapy instrument, Multiple-functions needle free water instrument

    Portable Water Oxygen Beauty Equipment Parameters

    Part No.: BLS1137
    Output power: 300 W
    Input voltage: AC 220V
    Pressure: 4-8KG
    Pump weight: 13 Catty
    Mainframe size and weight: CM 40*24*35 17KG
    Air box size and weight(including instruments): CM 60*30*43 25KG
    Base size and weight: CM 79*36*44 14KG


    As the growth of the age, The aging of skin began to appear from 25 years old , usually will be more obvious after the 30 years old day by day.The main reason is that the skin’s blood circulation slows, and the subcutaneous fat layer becomes loose and less elastic, collagen of based-skin and water loss can cause various skin problems.Such as dark complexion, skin dander, acne, dry lines, fine lines and other symptoms.

    The aging of skin is a natural factor, and there are also a phenomena of premature aging caused by non-natural factors. The tissues of skin become more and more developed, and the function is gradually active after birth.When it gets to a certain age, it will degenerate and this kind of degeneration is often done without people’s awareness. needle free mesotherapy beauty instrument

    There is a thick layer of dermal tissue beneath the epidermis of human skin,90% of which is collagen.Collagen is an important part of skin tendons, bone marrow, etc. At the beginning of the aging of skin,water-insoluble collagen increases, water-soluble collagen decreases, therefore, The elasticity of skin will be reduced, the fibers of reticulate tissue will be stiffened,which make the aging of skin faster to produce wrinkles, sagging, sagging.

    The needleless water instrument uses the latest technology of water-injection therapy. It allows the skin to absorb the product perfectly and make the basal layer of the skin to grow into a new tissue.The new skin will be more delicate, thus achieving the most beautiful skin.

    Instrument principle

    The non-invasive water instrument uses high-end equipment and utilizes hyaluronic acid of nano-molecular , combined with unique needleless transdermal technology, will be rich in water molecules of hyaluronic acid, oxygen molecules, minerals, trace elements and nutrients needed by the skin, Therapeutic drugs, etc., release nutrients layer by layer to the skin and provide multiple functions such as hydration, lifting, whitening, wrinkles, and damaged skin. Portable Water Oxygen Beauty Equipment

    Technical advantages

    When the skin enters the aging period, the factors that maintains skin elasticity and deep moisturizing collagen synthesis begin to slowly decrease, and the activity of skin proteins gradually decreases to cause a series of skin problems such as dull complexion, pigmentation, dander, acne, and dryness. Dry lines,fine lines and other serious conditions. Portable Water Oxygen Beauty Equipment

    The needleless water instrument compresses the air and uniformly atomized the products with high pressure to make it enters the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates the metabolism of the skin. It can rapidly excretes melanin in the body, improves dark ,yellow ,dry skin to brighten the skin, and to reach the effect of shrinking cell pores, making the skin firmer and smoother, filling sagging skin, stretching facial fine lines, crow’s feet.For Firming Skin needleless water needle is no pain, no wound, no recovery period by using non-invasive treatment.

    High-efficiency oxygen injection
    Non-invasive patented transdermal technology, directly access to the muscles
    Efficiently delivering nutrients and essence, keep hydrating.
    Completely repairing muscle cells and soft tissues.
    Instantly having the star’s watery skin in 9 minutes

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