Portable Velashape VelaSmooth Slimming Machine for Body Face Eyes

/Portable Velashape VelaSmooth Slimming Machine for Body Face Eyes
  • Portable Velashape VelaSmooth Slimming Machine for Body Face Eyes
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  • Portable Velashape VelaSmooth Slimming Machine for Body Face Eyes BLS1222A, beauty machine portable rf 40khz cavitation velashape v10 with vela shape vacuum rf slimming device with cavitation + Vacuum +roller +RF+ infrared light +Roller Made in China Beauty Machine Wholesales

    Technical Parameters of Portable Velashape VelaSmooth Slimming Machine for Body Face Eyes:
    Part No. BLS1222A
    Input voltage AC220V, 50HZ/ AC110V, 60HZ
    Power consumption 500W
    Operating handles 5
    Main Technology RF + Cavitation + Vacuum
    Color white
    Key word slimming
    Function Cavitation
    Warranty 12 months

    Handles parameter:

    3D vacuum RF handle
    Vacuum pressure 20-95 (KPA)
    Infrared light wavelength 650nm
    Infrared intensity 5000 MCD
    RF energy 20W
    RF frequency 5MHZ
    Multi-polar RF handle
    Output power 2w/cm²
    RF frequency 5MHZ
    Output mode continuous
    Output level 10
    40K cavitation handle
    Cavitation frequency 40KHZ
    Output power 5W/cm²
    Output mode pulse
    Output level 8
    Eye vacuum RF handle
    Vacuum pressure 20-95(KPA)
    RF frequency 5MHZ
    Blue light wavelength 490nm
    Large 40K cavitation vacuum handle
    Vacuum pressure 0-100(KPA)
    Cavitation frequency 40KHZ
    RF frequency 5MHZ
    BIO frequency 200HZ/500HZ
    BIO pulse width 100us/300us
    Infrared wavelength 650nm


    It has combined with the RF, vacuum, infrared light, cavitation, BIO. It can penetrate the skin to a depth of 15mm by mechanical movement, which is far more than depth of the other devices currently on the market. While the heat is conducted, the mechanical movement is carried out simultaneously and so is the fat. In this way, it makes the skin more flexible. It can improve the figure and the skin surface. Although the weight of the patient does not reduce, the patient will look much slimmer because the whole fat area has been re-assigned. Cavitation Vacuum RF Velashape Weight Loss Beauty Equipment

    Advantage :

    1. Combine Cryolipolysis + lipo laser + cavitation +vacuum+ RF , treatment effect is faster and more obvious
    2. Two different size touch screen cryo handles could work at the same time.
    3. 8.4 inch color touch screen with clear treatment parameters
    4. Suitable for all kinds of skin
    5. 20-30 minutes per session treatment,
    6. Non-invasive treatment does not affect the normal work and life.
    7. No pain, no cut, no scar, no any side-effect
    8. No rebound, long-lasting result!
    9. Easy operation, easy study


    1. Fat dissolving.
    2. Weight loss.
    3. Cavitation.
    4. Face lifting.
    5. Eye wrinkle removal.
    6. Increase skin elasticity.
    7. Smooth skin.
    8. Firm skin.


    1. One machine with multiple function.
    2. RF + Cavitation + Vacuum + BIO + IR.
    3. 3D RF technology.
    4. Easy operation.

    Notes for Use

    1. Those suffering from severe diseases such as heart disease, gastric ulcer, serious stomach trouble, duodenal ulcers, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc can not use this instrument.

    2. Pregnant women, lactating women, women who have abdominal surgery not more than three months ago, and menstruating women can not use this instrument.

    3. Those that have used this instrument shall mainly eat light food and shall avoid eating high protein, high fat and high calorie food.

    4. Those that have sheet metal etc implanted in their bodies (such as cardiac pacemaker) can not use this instrument.

    5. Those that are extremely weak can not use this instrument.