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  • Portable SHR IPL Skin Rejuvenation Equipment BLS1280, Portable Hair Removal IPL Laser Acne  Removal Beauty Device, Best Service IPL Beauty Machine for Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal OPT Shr System Portable IPL Elight

    Portable SHR IPL Skin Rejuvenation Equipment BLS1280 Brief Introduction

    IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a kind of light with high energy and broad wavelength, within the range from 530nm to 1200nm.Photothermic and photochemical action will be triggered by the radiation of IPL. On one hand, IPL will promote collagen reproducing and recombining which makes the skin more flexible and smooth. On the other hand, the light with long wavelength can easily pass through epidermis layer and will be absorbed selectively in priority by pathological pigments which will be destroyed by high heat, and get the effect of remove pigmentations, vascular lesions and unwanted hair.

    1. Principle

    Photothermolysis effect: As the pigmentation contents of the pathological tissue are much higher than normal skin tissues, after absorbing of the IPL, the temperature of them are higher than normal skin, then the pathological pigmentation or vascular tissues are destroyed without hurting normal skin.

    Biostimulation effect: IPL energy stimulates the collagen to reproduce and recombine, enhance getting the effect of lightening, rejuvenation, tightening pores and removing wrinkle.


    1. Hair removal;

    2. Skin rejuvenation

    3. Removing, pigmentation

    4. Vascular removal;

    5. Acne treatment.

    6. Wrinkle removal

    3. System Self-checking

    The circuit of system entering the self-checking situation when the machine starts, leave the machine carry on the self-checking for 5-10 seconds, then continue the operation. Acne Freckles Remove Hair Removal E-light IPL SHR Machine

    IPL Hair Removal Machine Specifications
    Light Source Intense Pulsed Light
    Xenon Lamp 100,000 shots
    Wavelength 420nm, 530nm, 560nm, 640nm
    Transfer System Sapphire
    Energy Density 0-50J/cm2
    Spot Size 8×40mm2
    Pulse Number 1-6 (adjustable)
    Pulse Duration 1-20 ms (adjustable)
    Pulse Delay 1-100 ms (adjustable)
    Display Screen 8″ TFT touch screen
    Power 1000W
    Cooling System Water cooling,Air cooling, Semiconductor refrigeration
    Electrical Source 100V~240V,50-60Hz

    1. Hair removal (640nm~1200nm ):To remove unwanted hair on any part of body
    2. Vascular lesions (590nm~1200nm ): for black & white & yellow skin
    3. Skin rejuvenation(530nm~1200nm): tighten skin,lift skin,improve elasticity of skin,spot removal
    4. Acne treatment (430nm~1200nm )

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