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  • Portable Crystal Fractional RF BLS1008, Portable Fractional Rf Machine Radio Frequency Beauty Skin Rejuvenation Machine, Fractional rf beauty equipment for eye, face, body machine China supplier & factory

    Portable Crystal Fractional RF Beauty Instrument TECHNICAL PARAMETERS:
    Part No.: BLS1008
    frequency :40.68MHz
    The most powerful :150W
    Treatment area :0.25cm2 3.0cm2 9.0cm2
    The default time : 30:00 min (Adjustable time)
    The output energy :5-40 J
    The input power :AC110V/120V~220V/240V 50 / 6 0 Hz

    How Fractional RF Works?

    Thermage uses 40.68MHz radio frequency technology to heat the deep, collagen rich layers of your skin. The heat stimulates your body’s natural renewal of collagen and promotes the formation of new collagen. Collagen is that miracle your body produces which reduces sagging, renews contours, and improves the smoothness and texture of the skin’s surface. facial fractional rf machine

    Portable Crystal Fractional RF Beauty Instrument Applications

    On the face:
    -Sagging skin
    -Loose jowls
    -Lack of definition in the jaw line
    -Sagging neck skin
    -Wrinkles and fine lines
    -Lack of definition in the lips

    Around the eyes:
    -Under eye bags
    -Rough texture on the eyelids
    -Wrinkles and fine lines

    On the body:
    -Sagging or bulging skin
    -Loose Skin
    -The appearance of cellulite


    Fractional RF fight decline shape meter is the most cutting-edge, the most mysterious fight decline shaping technology. By the stars of
    This technology is currently the only global a able to lift a significant to the treatment by high frequency waves, firming, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and can reach the last several years to return to the youth of the magical effect, the equipment in the global technology pioneered in the high frequency waves, safe and reliable without damage. The magic of non-invasive organization austerity and shaping advanced beauty technology, no surgery, no injections, avoid the “pain” go, safe, efficient, relaxed and happy, no special care, postoperative does not affect the work and life.


    Mainly used in the comprehensive department organization and sagging skin, wrinkles, skin aging is rough, face shaping curve, effectively improve the eyes and neck tissue relaxation, prolapse.
    1), facial fight decline anti-wrinkle: deep wrinkles and creases, forehead lines, nasolabial sulcus ascension, lip wrinkles, his brow wrinkled, firming neck skin, eliminate double chin, thin face type;
    2), treatment of acne; Eliminate acne scars;
    3), anti-wrinkle eye: eye Zhou Wen, crow’s feet, eye pouch, tighten Zhou Songchi skin;
    4), the body resistance to failure: tighten repair back, chest adjustment sculpting sculpting, leg, hip, waist and abdomen in shape, and remove the butterfly sleeves, repair mild striae of pregnancy.

    PRINCIPLE of Portable Crystal Fractional RF Beauty Instrument

    1), emergency response: through radio frequency electric field, the focal plane in the depth of the skin around 2.6 ~ 3 mm, strongly impact dermal tissue, stimulated the capillaries mistake tissue injury, signal for help heal and repair it can produce a large amount of collagen, the collagen molecules gradually combined into an orderly collagen, so as to achieve the effect of firming wrinkles.
    2), ionization penetration: radio frequency electric field can change the membrane cross-section point distribution, influence the membrane surrounding electrons and ions concentration, thus improving the permeability of cell membrane, through the depolymerization reaction rf electric field, open the water membrane ion channels, strengthen the cell permeability. At the same time in focus under the action of gravity, electromagnetic wave on the epidermis of ionized water and nutrition it easily penetrate into dermal tissue.
    3), melting fat response: radio frequency electric field acting on the skin, subcutaneous fat temperature and the ratio of the dermal tissue heating up to

    ADVANTAGES of Portable Crystal Fractional RF Beauty Instrument

    1), remove all kinds of wrinkles;
    2), in view of the flabby skin, effectively tighten skin;
    3), make the skin more elastic, tender;
    4), keep the skin looking youthful state;
    5), the treatment by high frequency waves can replace high-end non-surgical lift surgery;
    at the same time solve the sagging, sagging and wrinkles age problem;
    6), no surgery, no injections, efficient, safe, as you do;
    7), spoiled treatment, the disposable probe, completely put an end to cross infection;