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  • Physical ED Treatment Shockwave BLS1171, Medical Phisiotherapy Apparatus Shockwave, weight loss machine in Shockwave System Pain Reduction Medical Equipment, Shock Wave Therapy Equipment With Physical and ED Treatment Function China supplier

    Physical ED Treatment Shockwave Specification:
    Part No. BLS1171
    Technology Shock wave
    Mold SW19
    Input Voltage/Frequency AC 100V-230V 50Hz-60Hz
    Woking Frequency 1-21 Hz
    Power Levels / Energy 30 to 480 mJ (equivalent to 0.5-8.0bar)
    Shots times 2500000 times
    Power 500VA(350W)
    Dimensions 47*36*24cm (device only)
    Net Weight 23kg
    Package Size 50*53*48cm
    Package Weight 34kg

    Working Theory
    The use of compressed gas to generate energy, driving the handle of the bullet body, so that the bullet body to impulse treatment of the site. Shock waves through the skin, fat, muscle and other soft tissue after the injury area, due to contact with different media at different junctions at the junction can produce different mechanical stress, the performance of the cells to produce tensile stress, compressive stress and shear stress , In the bubble-containing tissue will produce cavitation effect.Physical ED Treatment Shockwave medical phisiotherapy apparatus shockwave

    Bone tissue under the action of alternating stress microscopic cracks, which is the main reason to induce bone reconstruction, and tensile stress and cavitation effect can release the adhesion of tissue, promote blood circulation, repair tissue, to achieve the purpose of treatment.


    1. Jumper’s knee

    Jumper’s knee is an inflammation or injury of the patellar tendon felt as pain, tenderness and functional deficit. This condition may interfere with or even end your patient’s sporting career regardless the age and is difficult to treat. Shockwave therapy offers simple and immediate solution. Patient feels relief right after the first session and in several treatments the cause and the pain vanish.

    2. Painful Shoulder

    Pain of the shoulder can be caused by e.g. calcifications, impingement syndrome or frozen shoulder. All the indications are a source of dull to severe pain and limit the patients in their daily life. In calcific tendonitis of the shoulder treated by the Shockwave the calcification disappears completely in more than 85% of the cases. Significant reduction in pain and improvement in shoulder function is observed after 4 weeks. Solution for a lot of cases is surgery or injections to which Shockwave therapy is a fitting substitute.

    3. Tennis Elbow

    Tennis elbow is a frequent condition occurring in up to 10% of the general population. Unfortunately the conservative treatment of epicondylitis is lengthy (rest), includes medication (pain killers, steroid injections) and often needs repetition. Shockwave therapy on the other hand offers a rather prompt pain relief and cure with efficiency of over 70% in just a maximum of 5 treatments.

    4. Heel Spur

    Calcium deposit on the underside of the heel bone (heel spur) is closely associated with scarring or inflammation of the plantar fascia (plantar fasciitis). Either of the indications or combined, limit patients in their daily activities. Shockwave treats both of the problems simultaneously. Acoustic waves are responsible for fast recovery, return to daily routine and long-lasting effects in up to 88% of the patients.

    5. Insertional Pain

    Pain in the muscle insertions typically occurs due to repetitive or prolonged activities placing strain on a particular tendon. Through the process of neovascularization Shockwave therapy encourages more blood flow to the area and hence faster healing without the need for addictive pain medication.