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  • Perfect Fitness & Body Contouring System Roller Velashape Machine
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  • Perfect Fitness & Body Contouring System Roller Velashape Machine BLS-VSV9-II, RF vacuum cavitation weight loss velashape v9 II slimming machine, Velashape V9 II cavitation vacuum roller body shaper arm fat reduction face lifting machine China supplier factory

    Perfect Fitness & Body Contouring System Roller Velashape Machine Technical Parameters:
    Part No.: BLS-VSV9-II
    Input voltage: AC220V, 50HZ/AC110V, 60HZ
    Power consumption: 800W
    Fuse size: (220V, 5A) or (110V, 10A)
    Large vacuum roller Handle:
    Vacuum pressure: 30-90 (KPA)
    Infrared light wavelength: 700nm
    Roller speed: 50r/min
    R.F Energy: 30W
    R.F Frequency: 5MHZ
    Small vacuum roller Handle:
    Vacuum pressure: 30-90 (KPA)
    R.F Energy: 20W
    Roller speed: 30r/min
    R.F Frequency: 5MHZ
    Small vacuum handle
    Vacuum pressure: 30-90 (KPA)
    R.F Frequency: 5MHZ
    40KHZ Ultrasound cavitation handle
    Power: 100W
    Cavitation frequency 40KHZ

    V9 adopts elos technology and combines with RF and infrared light, blue light and green light to generate heat. It can penetrate the skin to a depth of 15mm by mechanical movement, which is far more than the depth of the other devices currently on the market. While the heat is conducted, the mechanical movement is carried out simultaneously and so is the fat. In this way, it makes the skin more flexible. It can improve the figure and the skin surface. Although the weight of the patient does not reduce, the patient will look much slimmer because the whole fat area has been re-assigned. We have selected 20 women of different ages and skin types for a test. Against their main fat parts – thighs and buttocks, we conduct an 8-month treatment and each person’s body curve has improved to a great extent. Meanwhile, the fat around the thigh has obviously reduced. The side effect of V9 treatment is minimal. The skin surface of each treatment receiver will only appear flushed from some minutes to an hour or appear slightly edema, but a few hours later, the appearances of the fat accumulation parts will be greatly improved. For the past few years, we have been using the method of deep fat massage, which is very time-consuming. Also, the treatment receiver will feel uncomfortable for long duration of treatment. However, the time for V9 treatment has greatly shortened. It only takes 30 minutes to do thigh and buttock treatment so the treatment receivers will feel more comfortable compared with the deep fat massage. According to their description of the treatment process, most people are very comfortable and even sleepy when the massage is up and down the thigh. Cavitation RF Vacuum Roller V9 Velasmooth Velashape Infrared Machine

    Patented Technology – Electro Optical Synergy

    1.Combined with bi-polar RF and Infrared, blue and green lights energy; the vacuum suction coordinated with mechanical rollers
    2.The RF and IR, blue and green lights generate heat, increasing the oxygen content of skin cells.
    3.The special vacuum roller massage soothes the skin and makes the heat conduction effect better.
    4.It increases the metabolic rate effectively and reduces fat accumulation through
    lymphatic drainage.
    5.It increases the skin tissue elasticity and makes the skin more smooth and delicate.

    Accessories and application

    1.Small vacuum roller Applicator
    Used for small areas such as the flanks, calves and arms, and to reinforce the results of the Large Applicator.

    2.Large vacuum roller Applicator
    Used for large areas such as the thighs, buttocks or abdomen.

    3. Small vacuum Applicator
    Used for small areas such as the face.

    4.40KHZ ultrasound cavitation probe
    Strong force explosion fat and cellulite removal
    Vacuum Strong sound wave fat system works effectively promote metabolism of body tissue, drive off cellulite, firm skin and improve skin elasticity with lasting effects. In addition, it will increase muscle flexibility and promote cell metabolism. Beauty Machine Made in China !

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