No Needle Mesotherapy Seyo TDA Machine

/No Needle Mesotherapy Seyo TDA Machine
  • No Needle Mesotherapy Seyo TDA Machine
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  • No Needle Mesotherapy Seyo TDA Machine BLS1181, Seyo TDA Needle Free Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine, SEYO TDA anti-aging skin whitening beauty machine/anti-wrinkle and moisturizing Skin, Portable SEYO TDA Needleless Water  Beauty Machine

    No Needle Mesotherapy Seyo TDA Machine Specification:
    Part No. BLS1181
    Power 500W
    Voltage 110V/220V 50-60Hz
    Treatment Depth 0.2MM-5MM
    Working Mode Instant & Continuous
    Pressure 5KG/CM2-10KG/CM2
    Duration 0.5S-9.5S
    Dose 6UL-24UL
    G.W 27KG
    Measure 99*54*68Cm

    SEE YOU instrument principle
    Non-invasive water is the use of high-end equipment to enrich the water molecules of hyaluronic acid, oxygen molecules, minerals, trace elements and nutrients needed by the skin, therapeutic drugs, etc., using nano-molecular hyaluronic acid, combined with a unique needle-free Transdermal technology releases nutrients to the skin layer by layer, providing multiple functions such as hydration, lifting, whitening, wrinkles, and damaged skin.

    1,Anti wrinkle
    4,Skin rejuvenation

    Instrument advantages
    When the skin enters the aging period, the factors that maintain skin elasticity and deep moisturizing collagen synthesis begin to slowly decrease, and the activity of skin proteins gradually decreases, causing a series of skin problems such as dull complexion, pigmentation, dander, acne, and dryness. Lines, fine lines and other serious conditions. seyo tda mesotherapy skin rejuvenation machine

    Needleless water compresses the air, so that the product is uniformly atomized with high pressure. The product enters the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates the metabolism of the skin. It rapidly excretes melanin in the body, improves dark yellow dry skin, brightens the skin tone, and makes skin The light is bright, and it has the effect of shrinking cell pores, making the skin firmer and smoother, filling sagging skin, stretching facial fine lines, crow’s feet Skin firming, needleless Shuiguang needle non-invasive treatment, no pain, no wound, no recovery period.

    1. High-efficiency oxygen injection
    2. non-invasive patented transdermal technology, direct access to the bottom of the muscle
    3. Highly efficient nutrition and essence delivery
    4 .Completely repair muscle cells and soft tissues
    5. 9 minutes of instant star-like water