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  • Multifunctional E-light IPL RF Beauty Machine
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    Multifunctional E-light IPL RF Beauty Machine Technical Paramerter:
    Part No.: BLS1049
    Feature: Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover
    Wavelength: 530nm/560nm/640nm
    Display: 8.0 inches touch screen
    Spot size: 15*50mm2/12*35mm (optional)
    Power: 1500w
    Pulse number: 1-6
    Counter Handle: yes
    Cooling condition: Emiconductor+air+water
    Voltage input: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz
    Packing size: 65*45*73cm
    Packing box: Wooden box

    Elight advantages:
    1, the surface cooling is good
    2, import sapphire spear head. light performance is strong
    3, the energy can be controlled
    4. can be selectively absorb, without damage to normal skin
    5, discontinuity wide light

    E-light (IPL+RF) Beauty Machine

    E-light (IPL+RF) Beauty Machine

    A new generation of freezing point Elight IPL RF Beauty Machine

    E professional series, is in a traditional E light, on the basic of freezing point of the most advanced technology, up-grade to a new generation of freezing painless perfect intense pulsed light three core technlogy, IPL Light + RF radio frequency + epidermis cooling; den-sity is high, the light energy concentration, strong light performance; greatly eliminates the light too strong thermal effect lead to pain and complications of discomfort; for dermal spots, fine hair, beautiful white tender skin effect is better.

    The six function lead

    hair removal, dispel spot, dispel capillary vessel, skin rejuvenation, remove wrinkles, acne removing

    Light: E-light filtering through technology, filtering harmful to human body composition of spectrum. use 520nm to 1200nm range spectrum treatment, give it a certain energy and strength release of intense pulsed light, the output light smooth, balanced, long lasting heat total time. the short wabelength used in the treatment of vascular lesions and pigmentary lesions, achieve beautiful white tender.

    Hair removal principle: Select a specific wavelength of magnetic wave pulse light effects on the skin in the hair follicles Growth period of hair (wool tit)secrete exuberant crack after absorbing energy. solution makes the hair follicle cells within the hair follicle of natural decay pigment particles is and consumed by macrophages and exclude the body metabolism. can dispel the limbs, armpits, lip hair, body hair.

    On principle of spot (light pyrolysis):
    Select a specific wavelength of magnetic wave pulse ACTS on the skin because of light. The lesion pigment group content is far higher than the normal skin tissue with its selective absorbing energy instantaneously rupture after decomposition parts color proposed surface with me tabolism gradually fade off points of pigment decomposed into smaller particles can be consumed by macrophages along with the lymphatic system in vitro.

    Eliminate the capillary principle:
    Choose a particular wavelength magnetic wave pulse light on the skin after hemoglobin absorb certain wavelengths cause blood warming heat conduction vascular cause swelling vasospasm contraction hypoxia vascular underwear cells atrophy coagulation necrosis to dilate blood vessels congestion.

    The principle of skin rejuvenation:
    The principle of the e-light is an intense pulsed light, heat transfer and laser radio frequency technology, provide ideal dermis, moderate heat, using selective absorption of energy target tissue, high precision, from hitting their targets organization, on the premise of not damage the normal skin, safe noninvasive remove all kinds of pigment and vascular patches, stimulate the skin collagen.

    Elight and anti-wrinkle treatment priciple (biological stimulation principle):
    Select a specific wavelength of magnetic wave pulse light ACTS on the secretion of th skin to stimulate the nerve endings bioactive substances through humoral regulation promote the regeneration of collagen to promote collagen and elastic fiber molecular structure restructuring so as to achieve anti-wrinkle tighten, the efficacy of ascension.

    Acne treatment principle:
    Use of shortwave light kill acne propionic acid bacillus and use red light infrared light and radio frequency current combination effect in reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands and eliminate color deep sink to stimulate collagen hyperplasia and achieve a good effect for the treatment of acne.

    Elight IPL RF skin care machine handles

    Elight IPL RF skin care machine handles

    E-light IPL RF Beauty Machine Advantages:

    1, 8 inches full touch panel screen, interface simple to operate, which want to what kind of function point, contains eight countries language choice, support for foreign trade.
    2, Case is made of imported ABS material and can prevent electric collision, toughness is good also, unlike previous glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, electrical weak, not collision.
    3, Tank: ordinary tank only three liters, the Elight is in our house with 8 litres of large water tank, working time water circulation quickly, refrigeration effect is good, has reached a treatment of freezing point without pain. the instrument can work continuously for 24 hours.
    4, Power: our power is 1200w, perhaps someone will say they have 1200w but this thing can distinguish, do hair removal, for example, if it is only 1200w hair removal of energy transferred to 15 can achieve the effect, but if it is 800w, it must be transferred to the 30 to have effect. do you can tell.
    5, Point: the motor, sapphire, the gem of high density, good heat dissipation effect, energy concentration. our LiHuiLi hospital it in the use of our family on this side of the elight apparatus.

    Allergy to pregnant women, light source, a photosensitive sex drugs (vitamin acid, etc.) to do. short-term changes skin, skin vulnerable to allergies and after treatment can’t avoid sunlight or artificial light exposure customers cannot do; scar constitution, drug dependent (such as: heart disese, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) epilepsy, the oledatamso – asc therapeutic part has a filler, open wounds, inflammation such as pustules, allergies or skin diseases (such as psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, etc.) can be done. note: the sun must let the skin repair itself after a week to do; long-term oral hormone or daub hormones in cosmetics need to stop using a 1 month before you do. E-light IPL RF Beauty Machine e-light beauty machine

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