Multifunction 9 in 1 Aqua Skin Smart Face Lifting BIO Beauty Machine

/Multifunction 9 in 1 Aqua Skin Smart Face Lifting BIO Beauty Machine
  • Multifunction 9 in 1 Aqua Skin Smart Face Lifting BIO Beauty Machine
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    Multifunction 9 in 1 Aqua Skin Smart Face Lifting BIO Beauty Machine Part No. BLS1337

    Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
    VOLTAG: 110V-240V
    Certification: CE
    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Application: For Commercial & Home Use
    Product name: Multionfunction skin care facial deep cleaning aqua skin machine
    handles: 9PCS
    Ultrasound: 1Mhz / 2W/cm2
    User interface: 10.2 inch Color Touch LCD
    size host:55*38.5*43 trolly:51*50*87
    weight host:8kg trolly:12kg

    1.Moisturizing management
    Adjusts the oil-water balance of dry skin or mixed skin, and promotes the metabolism of far-infrared rays to activate skin cells.

    2.Regeneration management
    Exfoliate with a general regenerative management system to provide moisturizing and maintain skin balance.

    3.Wrinkle management
    The lifting system removes sebum and keratin and improves wrinkles to make the loose skin elastic. Korean Beauty Device Aqua Skin Care 9 in 1 Multifunction Facial Machine

    4.Whitening management
    The ionized vitamin C stock solution is deeply introduced into the skin, and the tyrosinase enzyme which activates melanin which causes brown spots is removed and discharged by the induced voltage, and the melanin aged product is decomposed. Multionfunction 9in1 Beauty Skincare Device

    5.Acne management
    acne treatment caused by excessive secretion of oil can also be sterilized and treated.

    1.The original 7inch screen has been updated into 8 inches
    2.The machine adds the eyes RF head compared to the original one
    3. Micro current roller is changed to a smarter and more efficient pulsator
    4. 3 Languages as option: Korean, Chinese and English
    5.Cool&warm hammer is updated into plug in and out mode
    6.Trolley is updated into acrylic+Iron material
    7.Complete trolley, no need to assemble.
    8.Trolley is with storage function

    Working principle:

    Skin Energy Activated Instrument by the Germany the latest trans dermal technology developed by using micro-electrical pulse, the
    carrier radio frequency, bipolar radio frequency, ultra-low temperature micro-four functions of eye surgery, and by mechanical
    therapy, pressure therapy, hyperthermia, magnetic four physical therapy after a comprehensive eye relief and repair. Waking the
    eye cells completely, recombinant fiber eye disorders, effective export pigmentation, dry skin of the eye to aging, a variety of
    bags under the eyes, swelling and dark circles, clouds bloodshot eye completely repaired, but also your charming face and eyes.

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