Multi-functional Beauty Machine for Salon Use

/Multi-functional Beauty Machine for Salon Use
  • Multi-functional Beauty Machine for Salon Use
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  • Multi-functional Beauty Machine for Salon Use BLS1282P, IPL+E-light+RF+Nd:Yag Laser Multiple-function Beauty Instrument, opt IPL Elight hair removal + RF Rejuvenation + laser tattoo removal multifunction beauty machine China supplier

    IPL+E-light+RF+Nd:Yag Laser Multi-functional Beauty Machine for Salon Use Specifications:

    Part No.





    8.4 Inch Thin Film Transistor Color Touch Panel

    Cooling System

    Wind Cooling+Water Cooling+Semiconductor

    E-light Power


    Lamp Longevity


    IPL Wavelength




    Laser Power




    Energy Level



    1064nm,532nm,1320nm moppet head


    1 Year



    N. W.




    IPL SHR+ND YAG Laser+Bipolar RF multifunction beauty machine, one machine have more than ten major functions, more competitive and effective.

    Main functions include Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne removal, vascular removal, freckle removal, tattoo removal, birthmark removal, eyebrow removal, pigment removal and carbon laser treatment function(skin whitening,deeply clean skin and so on)

    E-light System

    E-light takes strong pulse IPL and bipolar radio frequency electromagnetic wave with special width-spectrum, selectively acts on target texture, to do skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, hair removal, wrinkle removal effectively. One treatment is 5 to 10 times than traditional photon safe.

    Bipolar RF + IPL + Epidermis refrigeration:

    E-LIGHT combines good traits of IPL and Radio Frequency, warms up strong pulse, takes bipolar rf to strengthen acting on deep tissue, uses skin can selectively inhale light energy, to induce different impedance between target texture and normal skin. Under the circumstance of low light energy, it strengthens target texture to inhail radio frequency, greatly eliminate side effect like bleb, pigmentation caused by heat action of light energy filtering. E-light can penetrate skin deep, selectively act on hypodermal pigment, blood vessel, dissolve freckle, close abnormal vein, solve skins all kinds of flaws. Simultaneously, E-light can stimulator hypodermal collagen rebirth, make skin youth, health and smooth.

    Application of Multiple-function Beauty Instrument

    1.Hair removal
    2.Pigmentation lesions
    3.Skin rejuvenation,Wrinkle removal
    4.Vascular lesions
    5.Acne treatment

    Our Advantages

    1.More competitive and effective
    2.Artificial sapphire-high transmittance and high energy output, less energy loss, better effect
    3.Taiwan import power, steady and longer lifetime
    4.UK import Xenon lamp make sure the lifetime longer than others
    5.Multi-language menu suitable for different operators
    6.German import rod ensure the lifetime of the handle, the rod make light transmittance higher and treatment effect better