Multi-function 2-in-1 Elight SHR IPL RF Machine

/Multi-function 2-in-1 Elight SHR IPL RF Machine
  • 2-in-1 Elight IPL RF Machine
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  • Multi-function 2-in-1 Elight SHR IPL RF Machine BLS1003, ELOS IPL shr fast hair removal and RF 5MHz skin tightening machine, 2-in-1 IPL RF free pain hair removal and comfortable skin lift machine China supplier

    Multi-function 2-in-1 Elight SHR IPL RF Machine Specification:
    Part NO.: BLS1003
    Energy Source: Intense Pulsed Light + Bipolar RF
    Lamp: Xenon Lamp 50,000 shots
    Handpiece Number: 2 (1×eLight handpiece + 1×RF handpiece)
    Wavelength: 430nm,530nm,560nm,640nm
    Transfer System: Sapphire
    IPL Energy: 0-50J/cm2
    RF Energy: Max 50W
    RF Frequency: 5 MHz
    Spot Size: 8×40mm2 /15×50mm2
    Power: 1200W
    Control System: 8” touch screen control
    Cooling System: Water+Air+Semiconductor refrigeration
    Electrical: 100V~240V,50-60Hz
    Dimension: 47cm×46cm×112cm
    Packing Size: 65cm×59cm×120cm
    Net Weight: 47 KG

    eLight system ELOS

    eLight system ELOS

    What is eLight?

    eLight system uses a technology called ELOS. It combines Optical (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) to deliver satisfying, longer-lasting results. With this technology, patients can enjoy the results they desire regardless of the color of their hair or skin type.

    How many treatments will I need?

    Skin rejuvenation treatments are administered every four weeks. Age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, medication, metabolism and sun exposure all play a part in your skin’s condition. The number of skin rejuvenation treatments depends on the area treated, your expectations and your goals. Usually, 3 – 5 treatments are sufficient. Hair removal usually requires multiple treatments. For some people 2 – 3 treatments are sufficient; however, black or white hair responds at different rates. Most patients receive treatments until they achieve their desired results.

    What are the benefits of eLight treatments?

    The eLight System:

    • works on all skin types.
    • can remove all unwanted white, gray, blonde, brown, black and red hair.
    • provides lasting results.
    • is effective on any area of the body where smoother, younger-looking, hair free skin is desired.
    • rejuvenates the skin of the face, neck, chest and arms.

    IPL RF Machine Features:

    1. Non-invasive and non-ablative treatment for skin.
    2. RF energy is suitable for all skin type and all skin tone.
    3. Significantly less energy required than conventional lasers and IPLs.
    4. Superior performance and patient comfort with no down time.
    5. Virtually painless skin tightening technology without surgery.
    6. Modularized assemble technique and easy for maintenance.
    7. Simple touch-screen control and suggested settings facilitates treatment for the novice or experienced user.
    8. Quick and easy installation.

    IPL RF Machine Applications:

    1. Pain-free hair removal for all kinds of skin.
    2. Skin tightening and rejuvenation.
    3. Freckle, pigmentation removal.
    4. Acne scar treatment.
    5. Telangiectasias.

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    RF IPL SHR Elight hair removal and skin tightening beauty machine handle

    RF IPL SHR Elight hair removal and skin tightening beauty machine handle

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