Micropower Water Mesotherapy Gun Microneedles-Fractional RF Beauty Machine

/Micropower Water Mesotherapy Gun Microneedles-Fractional RF Beauty Machine
  • Micropower Water Mesotherapy Gun
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  • Micropower Water Mesotherapy Gun Microneedles-Fractional RF Beauty Machine BLS1183, Needless Mesotherapy Anti- wrinkle Beauty Machine, RF vanadium-titanium microcrystalline water photometer, Needle free mesotherapy gun (mesogun)

    Micropower Water Mesotherapy Gun Microneedles-Fractional RF Beauty Machine Specification
    Part No. BLS1183
    Mold Micropower
    Operating principle vacuum microcrystalline, TDA technology, nanocrystalline technology
    Operation method smart touch screen operation
    Injection depth 3.0mm
    Operating site eye, face, body
    Operation interface English system
    Operating mode Automatic (adjustable)
    Needles (3 sizes)

    Application OF No needle micropower water meso gun mesotherapy gun water injector facial machine with RF radio
    1. water replenishing: can effectively replenish the cheeks, lips, neck, chest, back and other parts water required.
    2. Eliminate toxins: effective against freckles, dark circles, acne, narrow pores, improve skin inflammation.
    3. Long-term whitening: stem cells, vitamin C maintain white and supple skin for a long time
    4. Lifting: raise the sagging face, neck.
    5. Skin Tightening: significantly improve the eye wrinkles, dilute the stretch marks


    The micro-vibration RF gun adopts the 4 mega-focus RF technology imported from South Korea. The RF energy output is made of insulating silicone grease. The hollow micro-crystal of the RF micro-crystal is completely insulated. The RF energy is distributed throughout the silicon crystal, and the hollow micro-crystal is synchronously carried out. The skin is injected with sufficient nutrients. The RF temperature can be controlled from 40 degrees to 65 degrees. It can more accurately heat the skin tissue and promote the contraction and tightening of the subcutaneous collagen. It is called radio frequency target heat therapy in medicine. Its biggest feature is the dermis layer. Heating and maintaining the normal temperature of the epidermis, this time will produce two kinds of reactions: First, the skin dermis becomes thicker, wrinkles become lighter or disappear; Second, the morphology of the subcutaneous collagen remodels, resulting in new collagen, skin again It becomes more compact after treatment.

    Needle free water beauty equipmen 7 advantages:
    1. Fine, non-corrosive, no metal residue, not sensitive;
    2. painless, non-invasive, beautiful and beautiful instruments, painless, non-invasive, no bleeding, no need for anesthesia, instant recovery;
    3. efficient penetration, open 10,000 micro-absorption channels in 1 minute;
    4. direct hit the root cause of the problem, root administration, absorption rate is 12 times that of high-end instrument care, whitening, fine skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, control effect, vertical pole shadow;
    5. bid farewell to the restricted area, the whole body skin can be operated;
    6. instant recovery, that is, go away, care 20 minutes channel automatically closed, that is, vanadium and titanium non-invasive water 6 effects: skin moisturizing, wrinkle improvement, skin firming, skin pores, repair skin damage.