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    Microneedle Fraction RF Instrument  Parameter:
    Part No. BLS1404
    RF frequency 2-4Mhz
    RF power 10-150W
    Treatment head 10pin, 25pin, 64pin, nanocrystal head
    Needle Thickness 0.3mm
    Needle Depth 0.2-3.5mm(0.1 step)
    Suction level 0-2 level
    Control Display 8.4 inch color touch screen
    Voltage AC 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
    Weight 10.5kg
    Packing size 53*41*40cm

    Fractional RF Needle System through the special design of many fractional needles point array, the high speed digital motor controls order through the epidermis and the dermis accurate to control the depth of 0.25-3mm, again by the end of the lattice needle release RF, stimulate collagen and elastic tissue, and is the epidermal layer is safe, RF energy can well to penetrate to the dermis, stimulate collagen protein hyperplasia, not only is the best way to improve the scars, but also long-term tightening skin wrinkles induced the good method.

    high quality best rf microneedle fractional face lift skin whitening device
    1, What is the difference of Fractional RF and Fractional Co2 laser?

    Fraction RF is better than Fractional Co2 laser, Since Fractional laser is single wavelength, the indications is small range, and only have limitation on skin color. The aborbed energy is different with different pigment color. But the result of Fractional RF is not effected by the pigment and suitable for all kind of skin color. Obviously result can be seen after each treatment.

    2, How about the safety of Fractional RF?

    Fractional RF treatment has passed the CE certifcation, the safety has been proved according to clinical report.

    3, What kind of skin problem that the Fractional RF can treat?  Radiofrequency Micro Needle Machine

    Fractional RF could treat wrinkles, skin loose, Acne scar, large pores. In some treatment, the pigment and vascular has been treated in some degree. This is a multiple treatment and it can improve the skin property all round.

    4, Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

    The sensitive skin is suitable for the Fractional RF treatment, it could change the sensitivity in some degree.

    5, Is it suitable for the dark color skin?

    It is suitable for the dark color skin, since there is not light power only RF energy. The dark skin could use the treatment.

    6, Does the skin become thinner after the treatment?  GOLD RF MICRONEEDLE INSTRUMENT

    The Fractional RF treatment will not make the skin thinner. Oppositely, it could active the growth of collagen in skin to make the skin healthier.

    7, What will happen on skin after the treatment?

    At the treatment, the redness and slight swelling will happen, but the customer could totally accept. After 24 hours, the treatment area will show some needle shape escharotics. The customer could use make up to cover the treatment area, and not effect normal life and work.

    8, Is it necessary for long time treatments? How long time to do another treatment?

    Obviously result will happen even after one treatment. But as the time pass by, the skin will become loose. So we suggest do another treatment after 6 weeks interval. Each course could do 3-5 treatment.

    9, How long time the result can be kept?

    According to different skin property, single treatment could keep 2-6 month. 3-10 years can kept after one whole course.