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  • Micro Bubble Cleansing Instrument BLS1278B, Portable home use skin care micro bubble facial 2 handles hydra oxygen facial machine, Beauty Products lectric face cleanser from manual facial brush facial cleansing System

    Product Name Micro Bubble Cleansing Instrument
    Model No. BLS1278B
    Heads 2 handles(spray gun+cleansing heads)
    Size 33.5*25*15cm
    Input Voltage AC220V/AC110V
    Output Voltage DC12V 500mA
    Product weith 2.3kgs
    Color White
    Warranty 12 months
    Package Giftbox per unit
    Payment Terms Trade Assurance,Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram etc
    Shipping FedEx DHL EMS UPS China Post HongKong Post

    * Could you please let me know how is this product works out?
    Working principle is vacuum negative pressure principle, the formation of vacuum circuit, with the spiral suction head, the bubble water action on the skin surface, promote peel effect, deep cleansing skin.
    You can see the video,and the Instructions.

    * Why is it good to use it?
    1. It sucks the dirty things on the face and then hydrating the face.These two steps work together.
    2.Compared to micro bubble in beauty salons, it is small in size ,very Convenient for home using.
    3.Compared with other blackhead move,you don’t need open pores to the face,then hydrating the face.
    4.Gentle cleaning/Promote absorption/Remove oil and horny.It can Lifting and firming skin.

    * Why would we recommend using this device?
    1. It is the really new product, the market potential is very large. The profit is also very large.
    2. New concept of this product. It can make suck and hydrating work together, and it save time and achieve good results.
    3. It is easy to use,small easy to take,save time for home using.

    * What kind of face spa ?
    It can suck out the blackhead, whitehead of our face, and it can lift the skin.

    * What does the control solution contains? what is its composition?
    Water, glycerol, propylen glycol, hyaluronicacid, betaine, hydrogenated casor oil, disodium EDTA, methylparaben, bis(hydrroxymethy) imidazolididinyl urea.

    Portable IPL OPT SHR System Acne Treatment Beauty Device

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