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  • Mesogun Needless Mesotherapy Beauty Machine BLS1183, Micropower Mesotherapy Gun Microneedles-Fractional RF System, Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline No-needle Mesotherapy, Needle free mesotherapy gun (mesogun)

    Mesogun Needless Mesotherapy Beauty Machine Specification
    Part No. BLS1183
    Mold Micropower
    Operating principle vacuum microcrystalline, TDA technology, nanocrystalline technology
    Operation method smart touch screen operation
    Injection depth 3.0mm
    Operating site eye, face, body
    Operation interface English system
    Operating mode Automatic (adjustable)
    Needles (3 sizes)


    1. Fine, non-corrosive, no metal residue, not sensitive;
    2. painless, non-invasive, beautiful and beautiful instruments, painless, non-invasive, no bleeding, no need for anesthesia, instant recovery;
    3. efficient penetration, open 10,000 micro-absorption channels in 1 minute;
    4. direct hit the root cause of the problem, root administration, absorption rate is 12 times that of high-end instrument care, whitening, fine skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, control effect, vertical pole shadow;
    5. bid farewell to the restricted area, the whole body skin can be operated;
    6. instant recovery, that is, go away, care 20 minutes channel automatically closed, that is, vanadium and titanium non-invasive water 6 effects: skin moisturizing, wrinkle improvement, skin firming, skin pores, repair skin damage.


    Suitable range: hyaluronic acid, VC, baby needle, kinetic energy, water and other solutions
    1. Do not press the needle too hard on the skin to avoid scratching the steps when sliding.
    2. The face of the guest, the needle must be wiped and disinfected with saline, can not use alcohol hydrogen peroxide, to avoid some customers allergic to such disinfection products.
    3. The operation time is normally 15-20 minutes for half face, 30-40 minutes for full face, 40-60 minutes for enhanced operation, such as thin skin, sensitive operation time reduced operation time
    4. The operation process and the operation of the skin are slightly reddened as a normal phenomenon. Generally, after applying a mask, it can be relieved.
    5. The use of vanadium and titanium micro-products must be carefully studied and guided by professionals.
    6. Prohibition of use of allergic agents
    7. Menstrual period, high blood pressure, taking birth control pills, aspirin, etc. need to control the condition or stop using for more than 2 weeks.
    8.7-15 days once, 6 times for a course of treatment, you can increase the number of uses according to the actual situation of the customer. micropower water mesotherapy gun microneedles fractional-rf beauty machine


    What is the effect of needle-free water-light needle skin?
    1.Moisturizing and hydrating
    The needle-free water-light needle is a deep-packed high-end plastic product, so the hydrating effect is very good, and the moisturizing effect lasts, leaving the skin hydrated and radiant.
    2. Improve skin tone
    Needle-free water-light needle can stimulate the skin’s metabolism to accelerate, can quickly discharge the melanin in the human body, improve the dark yellow dry skin, brighten the skin, and make the skin light and bright.
    3. Shrink pores
    The needle-free water-light needle stimulates the skin to accelerate metabolism and shrinks the pores of the cells, making the skin firmer and smoother.
    4. Remove wrinkles
    The needle-free water-light needle wrinkle effect is very good, it can fill the sagging skin, stretch the facial fine lines and crow’s feet, Chuanzi lines, etc., firming the skin.
    5. Do 1 water light = 1000 mask treatments
    After treatment, the skin can be full and firm, and the moisturizing factor is continuously released from the bottom of the skin to replenish moisture, keep the skin bright and clear, and fix the skin in a young state. After treatment, you can have a baby-like smooth porcelain muscle.

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