Magic Mirror 3D Visia Face Analyzer Skin Analysis Machine

/Magic Mirror 3D Visia Face Analyzer Skin Analysis Machine
  • Magic Mirror 3D Visia Face Analyzer Skin Analysis Machine
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  • Magic Mirror 3D Visia Face Analyzer Skin Analysis Machine BLS1166, Magic mirror 3d visia skin analysis machine facial skin analyzer, Magic Mirror 3D Visia UV Skin Beauty Machine Skin Analysis, Magic Mirror 3D UV Light Skin Analysis Machine China Supplier

    Magic Mirror 3D Visia Face Analyzer Skin Analysis Machine Technical Specification:
    Part No. BLS1166
    Illumination (RGB): 8,800 Lux
    Fluorescent tube life cycle ≥ 9000 h
    Color temperature 7200 K
    White light (RGB)
    Polarized light (PL)
    Ultraviolet light (UV)
    Image features
    1/1.7”CCD sensitization device, 12M Pixels
    Max resolutions 4000×3000 pix
    Signal output interface USB2.0
    Video output mode NTSC/PAL
    Preview output mode 16:9
    Dimension 40CM X 30CM X 35CM
    Weight 12Kg
    Working environment 10 – 35 Celsius degrees
    Power specification AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz, 80Watts


    Magic Mirror skin analyzer makes the skin nursing has enough prove, by accurate skin analysis as well as comparison pictures of before and after treatment, it is non-surgical and non-invasion, customer just need to sit on chair and close eyes and put whole face at right place, then operator click shoot, only 2 seconds can finish the picture taking, 3-5 minutes can finish whole analysis, after analysis, then system will generate the report automatically, accurate and fast, can be a really perfect skin tester. alice bubble facial hydra dermabrasion machine


    Skin Analyzer System is currently the world’s most advanced skin detection system for analysis, called “skin CT”, it using RGB and UV spectral imaging technology, it can be accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis of the number of outstanding spot, stain density, number of pores, wrinkles, etc., as well as the bad cosmetics, UV or sunlight to cause different degrees of damage to the skin to make accurate diagnosis and analysis. Is one of the essential equipment in beauty hospital, hospital department of Dermatology and beauty salons, etc .

    Detection content:

    1, acne symptoms assessment
    – Excess sebum
    – Inflammation (Inflammation of hair follicles)
    – Deep inflamed pores
    2, skin UV damage detection
    – Full range multi angle capture facial image,
    – Show Light damage and ultraviolet sunburn deposition on the surface of the skin.
    – Assess facial region skin type.
    – The comparison of changes before and after treatment
    3, evaluate the wrinkle length
    – Omni directional image capture, detect the wrinkle length.
    4, assess the water content
    5. Evaluate the distribution of skin spots.


    – A. capture the full range of facial images
    – B. within a few seconds to capture the full automatic dual image, security, UV shooting
    – C. can be used for image function
    – D. Automatic detection ofpatients skin problems
    – E. full face analysis
    – F. full face complete analysis from the forehead, left to right contour profile
    – G. face partition
    – H. automatic facial region division, the face area can be enlarged to observe its state
    – I. skin condition analysis
    – J. classification of unhealthy pores
    – K. inflammatory acne
    – L. deep pore inflammation
    – M. UV damage
    – N. excess sebum
    – O. wrinkle detection
    – P. speckle distribution
    – Q. skin area calculation and measurement

    Facial skin analyzer application :

    1, according to the skin condition analysis, provide reliable skin analysis results
    2, through the skin analysis and reasonable set of customer project treatment and recommend the use of products
    3, combined with skin analysis and product recommendation to improve customer service
    4, through the skin analysis of customer project treatment and product effect to do a detailed assessment.

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