Laser Co2 Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Instrument

/Laser Co2 Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Instrument
  • Laser Co2 Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Instrument
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    Laser Co2 Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Instrument Specification:
    Part No. BLS1350
    Wavelength: 10600nm
    Laser apparatus: Sealed off laser device simulated by direct current
    Optical beam quality: TEM00
    Output power: 40w
    Spot size: 0.02~0.05mm2
    Aiming beam: Red semiconductor laser (635nm, less than 5mw)
    Beam transport device: Articulated arm with 7-joint and balance weight
    Working mode: Continuous operation
    Output Mode: Continuous, single pulse, interval pulse and super pulse
    Scan scope: Max 20mmx20mm
    Scan graphics: Circle, triangle, square, rectangle,hexagon, ellipse, line
    Scanning Mode: Random , Normal and Midsplit scan
    Scanning speed: More than 10m/s
    Energy: 1- 40W
    Distance: 0.1-2.6mm
    Cooling system: air circulation
    Power: 220V/11V

    Fractional CO2 laser Treatment principle

    This machine adopts CO2 laser technology and precise control of the scan technology, using the CO2 laser’s heat penetrating action, in the guidance of the scan precise scanning, 0.12mm diameter thin minimally invasive aperture was formed by latticeshaped on the skin. Skin in the effect of the laser energy and heat, wrinkle or scar tissue was uniform gasified instantaneous and formed minimally invasive hole as the center of the microheating zone, so as to stimulate the skin synthesize a large number of new collagen tissue. and thus start the tissue repair, collagen rearrangement of a series of body’s natural healing mechanisms. Fresh collagen random regenerate, make the treated area of skin becomes smooth, firm, elastic, pores shrink, wrinkle reduction , bags under the eyes disappear, the pigmentation disappear, superficial scar calm, skin texture and skin color gradually improved significantly.

    Applications treatment has been used effectively to
    •Reduce lines and deep wrinkles on the face
    •Tighten skin on the face and neck
    •Change the appearance of scars
    •Improve skin tone around eyelids, jowls and neck
    •Rejuvenate sun-damaged skin and improve texture
    •Remove pigmented lesions
    •Improve tone and texture on the chest, arms, and hands

    B.The most concerned and effective in the following two treatments
    1. Focus on wrinkles of face and neck and appearance appear more young.
    The aging and damaged skin is caused by photo aging.
    could improve the skin texture effectively and make the appearance look like younger 3~5 ages or more.
    2. Focus on scars treatment such as acne scars, surgical scars and scald scars
    There is a lack of effective medicine for scars treatment.
    But could desalt and contract scars efficiently.

    Applications of fractional co2 laser

    1. Dermatology(For pets or human):
    Cutting the extra tissue and remove mole, remove body odor, Facial cosmetology,body freckle,nevus,tumour,wart,skin cancer,the instrument can excise anything superfluous or useless in order to make strong and handsome and to prevent pathological changing.

    2. Ent(For Pets or human):

    All kinds of rhinitises, pharyngitises, oral hemangiomas, Nasal polyps resection, inferior turbinate hypertrophy, benign tumor, etc.;

    3. Ophthalmology: Orbit tumour, eyelid, sty, double blood skin.

    4. Department of gynaecology(For human use):
    cervical erosion, Chronic cervicitis, cervical polyp, valvar angiofibromata, leukoplakia vulvae, excision uterus polyp, cervical carcinoma in situs, etc.

    5. Urology(For human use): Circumcision, pointed condyloma, etc;

    6. Anorectal(For human use): hemorrhoids cutting, etc.;

    7. General surgery: Haemorrhoids, anal fissure and anal fistula, phimosis, V,D, etc.;

    8. Physiotherapy(For Pets and human use):
    Neck skin numbness, periarthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, arthritis, and inflammatory lumps, chronic ulcers, vasculitis, periarthritis of shoulder, soft tissue contusion, wound infection, use the beam expander exposure. Co2 Laser Beauty Clean Vagina Machine

    9.Others: Underarm odour, corn, ulcer.

    Fractional CO2 laser Application

    Acne scars removal; Nevi removal ; Dark spots removal; Warts removal

    Wrinkles reduction or removal( face, forehead, around lips, neck), Hemangioma, lipoma cutting

    Condyloma acuminatum treatment;Aesthetics Surgery: skin rejuvenation, eyelift, facelift, etc.

    Applications of vaginal tightening

    1.make vaginal rejuvenation.