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  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facial Beauty Machine
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  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facial Beauty Machine BLS1092, 9 in 1 Mutifunctional Hyperbaric Oxygen Salon Beauty Equipment, facial skin care beauty device, Hyperbaric oxygen jet peel machine, multifunctional hyperbaric oxygen therapy beauty salon equipment China supplier

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facial Beauty Machine Parameters
    Part No.: BLS1092
    Voltage AC110V-220V/50-60HZ
    RF frequency 5MHz
    Supersonic frequency 1MHz
    Input current ≤ 8mA Handle
    Touch screen:10 inches
    Input: AC220v/50hz AC110v/60hz
    Power: 450W
    Oxygen purity: 96.4%
    RF frequency: 5MHZ 75KHZ
    Wavelength: 330-990nm

    multifunctional hyperbaric oxygen therapy beauty salon equipment

    multifunctional hyperbaric oxygen therapy beauty salon equipment

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facial Beauty Machine Working theory and function:

    1. Acne treatment: pussy types, furuncle, anaphylactic type, papule type, comedo type, improve oily skin, reduce acne marks and blackhead.
    2. Skin care: accelerate metabolism, facial blemishes elimination, even skin tone, whitening and skin rejuvenation, facial lifting, dark circle, improve skin fatigue, dumb yellow, gray, Thoroughly clean the skin rubbish, skin oxygen filling and water injection, nutrition supplement; hydrating and whitening,wrinkle removal, skin smoothing, elasticity and youth restorage.
    3. Hair growth: efficiently improve seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, Neurological alopecia, hair care.
    4. Spots treatment: superficial chloasma, Post-Inflammatory hyperpigmentation, pigmentation caused by photons, superficial spots like dark spots.
    5. Special treatment: rehabilitation for laser burns, surgery scars, acne pits, skin allergy.
    6. Improve antioxidant capacity; reduce facial spots like pale spots and stains.
    7. Provide adequate oxygen to the skin, regulate sebum secretion, and reduce facial acne.
    8. Balance dry skin and oily skin, increase cell viability, improve the skin condition.
    9. Increase skin collagen cells viability, smooth fine lines, refine pores and tighten skin.
    10. Damaged skin repair, reduce skin redness caused excessive microdermabrasion, laser treatment or other irritant treatment, reorganize healthy cells.
    11. Improve skin absorption capacity for essence and nutrients.

    1. Water oxygen activating effect

    Water oxygen activating can thoroughly remove the pores in the deep and dirt , so that 99% of the oxygen molecule can play the maximum bactericidal action, such as anaerobic Propionibacterium acnes and other harmful bacteria and play an anti-inflammatory role, to purify the environment of skin tissue metabolism, eliminate acne has good clinical effect.

    Treatment due to the ejected in the gas-liquid mixing body fast (up to a maximum of Mach 0.6), with than previous capture better function, skin aging cutin and scar the surface of necrotic tissue dispel, because the medium is on the human body the safety of oxygen and water, so to avoid the previous technology on the skin caused by negative damage, make treatment more safe.

    At the same time, water and oxygen molecules is smaller than the diameter of the pores of diameter can be directly through the pores into the skin deep, pure molecular oxygen in blood, will accelerate the blood flow and wake the sleeper cells; skin tissue obtained the sufficient oxygen, moisture, delicate skin of the incubator collagen began to generate a large number of, collagen cells to rearrange, the skin is “spring” began to restore elasticity, “reservoir” re storage, natural, flexible and supple, white skin will in the new filling brilliance.
    Water oxygen activating effect: water supplement, supplemental oxygen, wipe the skin dumb yellow, tender skin. mutifunctional hyperbaric oxygen salon beauty equipment

    2. Hydrating and tender skin
    When the moisture in the skin that is corneous layer reach 15-25% , plenty of water , the skin will be not only soft and smooth without the appearance of fine lines, but also be felt full of flexibility ; But with the growth of the age and poor lifestyle , the stratum corneum moisture gradually lost, when the content is less than 10%, the skin will appear dry , fine lines, taut , rough , and scaling etc . Although the surface of the skin can not get water directly from inside the body, but in the bottom of the skin dermis , there is always water, with a steady stream of supplies flowing.
    Therefore, add moisture to the dermis is the skin moisturizing , the dermis is the first element of skin replenishment.

    3. Biological micro electrical

    BIO Beauty principle: the simulated bio-micro-electronic human brain emitted directly added into the cells, balance cell value, active cells, maintain normal metabolism and circulating cells, accelerate the skin’s own ability to retain moisture, protein synthesis and elastic fibers and collagen fiber healing ability to achieve a deep nourishment and improvement; the same time, combined with muscle movement itself, each muscle were passive contraction and relaxation exercise, to restore the original length and elasticity.
    Effect: to improve the state of skin aging fundamentally to allow the skin to reach deep conservation effect.

    4. BIO RF
    BIO RF BEAUTY positioning tissue heating, promote skin collagen contraction tension, while taking measures to cool the surface of the skin, the dermis and the epidermis is heated to maintain a normal temperature, the time will have two reactions:
    First dermis thicken, resulting shallow wrinkles or disappear;
    Second, the form of subcutaneous collagen remodeling, generate new collagen, the skin after the first treatment at the Lido becomes firmer.

    5. Semiconductor refrigeration – to tighten up, tighten the skin
    Semiconductor water circulating cooling treatment head has the advantages of increasing the skin metabolism rate, eliminate wastes and toxins, of bags under the eyes, black eye to eliminate certain effect. At the same time, strengthening the collagen fiber, make skin becomes tight with elastic, smooth wrinkles, crow’s feet.

    6. Oxygenmask+PDT
    Oxygenating, skin rejuvenation, whitening, wrikle removal, freckle removal;
    Improve skin problem, such as acne etc;

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facial Beauty Machine Contraindications:

    1. People with heart disease, configured cardiac pacemaker or hypertension.
    2. Patient with acute inflammation,deep vein thrombosis,goiter,asthma,Cancer.
    3. People who ruptured blood vessels, trauma or wound is bleeding.
    4. Pregnant woman
    5. People who had surgery, artificial body filler area.
    6. Metallic material in the human body(including metal teeth)
    7. People with skin inflame, swell of the body.
    8. People with an abnormal immune system
    9. People who feel numbness or heat unresponsive

    mask hyperbaric oxygen skin therapy equipment handles

    mask hyperbaric oxygen skin therapy equipment handles