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  • Home Use Skin and Hair Analyzer BLS1165, Face Moisture Tester in Skin Analyzer Boxy Skin and Hair Analyser, Professional hair and scalp analysis beauty device with 2 tips for hair & skin, Hair beauty salon specified hair and scalp analysis system hair analyzer

    Home Use Skin and Hair Analyzer, 5MP digital Hair Analyzer with 8 inch LCD monitor
    Model Number: BLS1165
    Magnifying: 50-200 times
    Material: ABS
    Service: OEM,ODM

    1. Nice appearance and innovative design
    2 .LED illuminator around lens
    3.Imported lens with plated layer
    4.5.0 Mega pixels high resolution CCD sensor
    5.Special DSP image processor, Optical Image Stabilizer
    6.Single capture button and digital pause capture.
    7.Adjustable focus to give clear image.
    8.Auto white balance and contrast adjustment, Color Temperature Filter
    9.4 image compare function
    10.3D-Negative capture mode
    11.Compatible with iris lens, hair lens and skin lens.
    12.Deliver clear and accurate images.
    13.Easy to operate.

    Home Use Skin and Hair Analyzer Parameter and feature:

    This machine is different with other machine in same computer series.It Doesn’t have the function of data analysis. But it can see high-definition picture.Therefore, doctors need to analyzer customers’ hair conditions compared to the figures.

    1.Image processing equipment adopts Panasonic 2 million pixels CCD sensor and high-definition image processing chips.The lens use surrounding coaxial cold light source and imported composite coating lens.It also have the functions of automatic white balance, automatic filling light, color temperature filter,and without any harm&side effectsto human body.
    2. LCD screen adopts Taiwan origin 8-inch high-definition LCD screen with HD perfect quality performance, holding a picture: 1: 1 matching geometric, display more perfect, does not form a annoying black edges, it will not appear distortion due to he screen stretching, most real image restoration , active 3D technology, multi-touch technology, intelligent dynamic backlight technology, ultra-high brightness, a series of ultra-high color gamut specifications have reached the highest in the industry technical standards
    3.Appearance mold have the advantages of environmental protection,energy conservation. manufactured lead-free, no mercury, achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection, without toxic substances at the same time.
    4. The analyscer is on handle, generates high-definition pictures immediately.
    5. Equipped with 200 x hd camera, another 50 x, 1 x lens are available. mini beauty device spray water oxygen
    6. Equipment operation is simple, do not need to buy computers and other equipment, low purchasing cost&convenient use, etc

    Using object OF Home Use Skin and Hair Analyzer

    1. Beauty skin care center
    2. Skincare and cosmetics specialty stores and counters
    3. Skin care products manufacturers and research institute
    4. Skin care products distributor
    5. Beauty school or professional school

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