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  • HOME USE Muscle Building Body Sculpting Hi-emt RF Mini Emslim Machine
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    HOME USE Muscle Building Body Sculpting Hi-emt RF Mini Emslim Machine Parameter
    Part No. BLS1349

    Electromagnetic Wave
    Place of Origin
    Model Number
    Brand Name
    Plug and play handle
    For Commercial
    ce, iso9001
    After-sales Service Provided
    Free spare parts, Online support, Video technical support
    2 years
    Input voltage
    Energy intensity
    0 to 7 Tesla
    Package size
    Gross weight

    2022 Newest Portable Emslim Mini Ems Neo RF 7 Tesla Body Sculpting Weight Lose One Handle Ems Slimming Machine
    High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic mchine is a non-invasive treatment, electromagnetic procedure that can eliminate fat cells and tighten muscles in your abs and butt. All you have to do is lie down at your dermatologist’s office, get hooked up to a machine, and sit back and relax as it emits electromagnetic pulses that strengthen your muscle fibers and burn unwanted fat. Sounds too good to be true, right?

    Emslim Neo-It is faster and more effective than today’s intensive short-term weight management
    High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic is a revolutionary body-contouring machine designed to develop muscle tone and burn fat through a fast, comfortable and non-invasive muscle treatment procedure. This safe and high-tech treatment is ideal for maximizing muscle tone at stubborn areas that are holding you back from achieving body perfection.

    How does our machine work?
    1. The High-intensity focused Electromagnetic energy pass through clothes and skin into your body.
    2. Like the exercise it triggers motoric nerves and excites muscle contraction.
    3. And you will feek like doing high-intensive workout.

    EMS Body Sculpting Machine Advantage
    Overthrowing the concept of a conventional weight loss device and liposuction treatment, this method “” increases muscle, reduces fat, “” by non-invasive treatment in just 30 minutes while you sleep. which has the same therapeutic effect as 20,000 times abdominal muscles. Body Slimming NEO RF Emslim Mini a Handle Machine
    High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy in one treatment causes about 20,000 muscle contractions, with maximum contraction that the spontaneous muscles of the muscles can not reach (up to 7cm in muscle ). In addition, to obtain high clinical efficacy, different pulse combinations are generated during the treatment, producing three stimuli. Portable Home Use Emslim Mini A Handle Muscle Building Equipment

    Features and Benefits:

    * Builds muscle & Burns fat Together!
    * Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure
    * Suitable for everyone – No anaesthesia – No surgery
    * Only a 30 minute walk in walk out procedure
    * Only 4 session needed 2-3 days apart
    * Feels like an intensive workout
    * Safe with No downtime
    * Instant results but gets better after two to four weeks
    * 16% average increase in muscle mass
    * 19% on average fat reduction

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