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  • Home RF Skin Whitening Beauty Device BLS1287, Home Use Facial Lift RF Machine, Radio Frequency Therapeutic Instrument, high frequency rf face lifting beauty device Radio Frequency acne scar removal beauty instrument

    Home RF Skin Whitening Beauty Device Parameter

    Part No. BLS1287
    Power AC 220V 50HZ 10A
    RF frequency 300KHZ-350KHZ
    Time 2.85-3.33us
    Pulse 50%
    Specification 50X30X20 (cm)
    Power input 120W
    Power output 35W-120W
    RF frequency 300KHZ-350KHZ
    Power output 35W-120W
    Control mode button digital LED display

    Working Principle

    The radio frequency therapeutic instrument emits radio waves to enter the subcutaneous tissue, so that the natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue generates heat energy. It is based on the principle that the collagen fibers of the dermis layer will immediately contract at 55-70 ℃. The two effects of regeneration. At the same time that collagen shrinks immediately, it will stimulate the dermis to secrete more new collagen fibers to regenerate, thereby supporting the skin’s stent again, increasing the thickness and density of the skin’s dermis, filling it up. Wrinkles and improve sagging.


    1. Wrinkles: Crow’s feet, Forehead wrinkles, Edict wrinkles, Neck wrinkles
    2. Facial rejuvenation, Skin lifting and tightening 3. Stretch marks, inflated wrinkles
    4. Large pores Hair growth treatment
    5. Red blood
    6. Skin whitening
    7. Hyperhidrosis
    8. Acne scars
    9. Sunken scars

    1. Clean and rejuvenate, first use the instrument to make the export clean, then use facial cleanser to clean the face (use the facial cleanser without using the instrument). Deep cleansing removes dirt from deep pores onto the skin’s surface, and then cleans the surface with facial cleanser.
    2. Each mode sets the usage time of 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, the instrument will enter the standby state. After 1 minute, the instrument will automatically shut down after 1 minute. Please use it according to the method of use. Do not overuse it. Home Use Facial Lift RF Machine
    3. When using, you need to hold the ion sensor strip on both sides of the fuselage and use the instrument head to contact the skin to form a circuit. Please keep the skin moist when using, otherwise the instrument will not work properly.
    4. If you need to use it on someone’s face, you need to make physical contact with the user to form an ion circuit, otherwise the instrument will not work properly.
    5. Please use according to the length of time specified in the manual. Do not use it.