High-Tech Weight Loss Breast Enlargement Device

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  • High-Tech Weight Loss Breast Enlargement Device
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    High-Tech Weight Loss Breast Enlargement Device Parameters:
    Part No.: BLS1217
    Feature: Breast Enhancement&Weight Loss
    Technology: Vacuum
    Treatment program: Beauty and body care
    Treatment area: Face, neck, arm, hand,belly,hip ,thigh,leg,foot
    Power: 50w
    Voltage 110/220
    Keyword Beauty Instrument
    Warranty 1 Year
    Application Beauty Salon+spa
    Certificate CE RoHS

    Breast Development

    1. Choose breast cup according to customers needs, connect the cup and aspirator socket.
    2. Let customers half-sleep to stretch out breast, cover breast with plastic cloth, don’t apply on people with sunken breast. Beauty Instrument Made in China
    3. Turn the air pressure knob to the highest point in the cup, turn the strength knob to the lowest point, then press to choose inspiration and turn the rhythm knob to breast lifting (or press body rhythm 1, body rhythm 2 and breast lifting alternately). Hydro Dermabrasion Aqua Facial Oxygen Jet Peeling Machine
    4. Put the cup on breast, and leave breast and the cup closely touched. For people with different breast sizes, it is suggested to apply the instrument on smaller side for 5 times before applying on two sides together.
    5. Adjust strength knob from weak to strong, and then adjust air pressure until customers feel comfortable.
    6. After 20 minutes, turn the air pressure knob to the highest point, turn the strength knob to the lowest point to take off the cup, the apply on breast lifting cream.


    Vacuum deeply makes the skin clean and remove the acne. It works to suction out the deeply embedded dirt, grease and other impurities.

    Refreshing mist used after a treatment. For a refreshing experience use with scented water or essential oils.

    – Smooth wrinkles and firm the skin
    – Reduce puffiness around the eyes
    – Stimulate blood circulation and increase metabolism
    – Whiten black spots, freckles, and aged marks
    – Facilitate the absorption of skin care products
    – Relaxes tensed muscles and reduce inflammation
    – Improve the rate of lymph flow
    – It has 2 Probes, the big one is for body ,the small one is for eyes.

    4.Spot Removal:
    Sweep the pen across face,sweep off age spots,black spots, sun spots,feckles,pigments…

    An ultraviolet instrument that sterilizes and increases blood flow and circulation in the skin. This unit stimulates the skin, while killing bacteria. Perfect treatment for acne.

    6.Breast Enlarge:
    Vacuum suck on breasts with rhythm to enlarge breasts.