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  • HIFU Vaginal Rejuvenation Machine BLS1179, HIFU vaginal tightening machine/hifu face wrinkle removal skin lift, Two in one HIFU machine Vaginal HIFU and HIFU Face wrinkle removal machine, Vagina Tightening HIFU System for Women Private

    HIFU Vaginal Rejuvenation Machine Specification:
    part number: BLS1179
    product name: 2in1 hifu for vaginal tightening and face lift
    working mode Vaginal and face treatment
    power 200W
    voltage 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
    energy 2.0J max
    vaginal cartridges 3.0mm,4.5mm
    face lift cartridges 1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm
    shots/cartridges 5000 shots
    G.W 20.5 kg
    Package size 69*64*34cm

    Working principle

    Use high energy ultrasound focusing the treatment position, so that the skin tissue create the thermal, and make high-speed friction cells to stimulate collagen.Such heat effect will not hurt the epidermis, because the treatment fast and direct access to the treatment site within 0-0.5 seconds, without touching the surrounding tissueand can be passed directly to the superficial tendon membrane system (SMAS).

    so it can be done firm skin while pulling the muscle layer, thin face up to the progressive effect. What is SMAS? Lift operation at present by plastic surgeons do operation layer, the SMAS layer, which is (superficial musculoaponeurotic system, referred to as the fascia (fascia) SMAS) layer on the skin depth is about 4.5mm, subcutaneous fat and muscle.HIFU Vaginal Rejuvenation Machine

    HIFU Technology will adopt the most advanced ultrasound studies the latest results using ultrasound energy-focused character, the energy of the focus on the need to focus on high-energy depth, so that the focus of the wave of the vagina internal organization protein concretion reaction to the freezing point as the center of the four-week force coming at the same time, the freezing point as the center of radial start regeneration collagen, double the strengthening of Care Sites of flexibility. To Nonintrusively treatment, raise the vagina wall, a comprehensive solution to the problem of the vagina slack while activating collagen layer reorganization and renewable sources, effectively change the vagina. Resilient Is currently the best, no wound/no recovery period/repeated treatment immediately to enhance their privacy program!HIFU Vaginal Rejuvenation Machine

    Privacy ultrasound sword of the thermal release to meet fluent, and this is precisely the temperature to be effective in stimulating collagen yield a temperature that can really make collagen be stimulating and continued to generate a new gelatine. The treatment time is short, and after a week in the same room, you can easily go back girls like tight.

    1. High security professional, experienced experts clinical operation, guarantee the safety of the treatment.
    2. Full painless security moderate laser treatment methods, all without any pain discomfort.
    3. The entire treatment convenient treatment only 20 – 30 minutes with no hospitalization, namely governance and go.
    4. No side effects remain security index is high, crimes against almost to zero, does not affect the future of normal life fertility.HIFU Vaginal Rejuvenation Machine, vaginal tightening hifu machine face lifting


    1. Remove wrinkles on around forehead, eyes, mouth, etc.
    2. Lifting and tightening both cheeks skin.
    3. Improving skin elasticity and shaping contour.
    4. Improving jaw line, reducing “marionette lines”
    5. Tightening the skin tissue on forehead, lifting the eyebrows lines.
    6. Improving skin complexion, making the skin delicate and bright.
    7. Match with injecting beauty like Hyaluronic acid, collagen, to resolve more aging problem.
    8. Removing neck wrinkles, protecting neck aging.
    9. potent firming effect to improve sexual life
    10. private lubrication of increasing secretion and eliminating dryness
    11. improving private sensitivity by cell regeneration for reaction enhancement
    12. comprehensive improvement of private health and reducing infection