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    Hifu Face Lifting Ultra Device Technique Parameters:

    Part No. BLS1136B
    The Depth of the point
    Frequency Range 4M HZ-7M HZ
    Energy Range 10-200w
    Lifespan of Probe 60000 shots/Probe(utra)
    10000 shots/probe(HIFU)
    Voltage Range 110v-220v 50hz-60hz
    G.W. Machine :6KG
    Trolley 10kg
    Packing Size(cm) Machine:16*39*36cm
    Trolley: 20*40*54cm

    Working theory:

    High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (ultra beauty machine) directly delivers heat energy to skin and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin’s collagen and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin. It literally achieves the results of a facelift or a body lift without any invasive surgery or injections, moreover, an added bonus of this procedure is that there is no downtime. This technique can be applied to the face as well as the whole body, and also, it works equally well for people of all skin colors, in contrast to that of lasers and the intense pulse lights.

    Facial HIFU system

    1.5mm head —the ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 1.5mm,is responsible for activating the skin epidermis in thinner tissue. such as eye zone.

    3.0mm head—the ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 3.0mm,is responsible for activating the skin’s dermal layer of collagen, effectively enhance the effect of the consolidation of the outline, but also improve large pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. targeted to chin, chest.

    4.5mm head— the ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 4.5mm, direct subcutaneous SMAS layer, targeted to thicker skin, such as cheeks, neck, etc.

    Advantages of hifu face lift:

    (1). More than 15,000 shots according to quality inspection and clinical tests, ensuring that each shot effects into the right depth.

    (2). Equipped 3 heads (1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm), precisely acting on different depths of the skin.

    (3).The energy will skip the epidermis, leaving no damages.

    (4). It will produce thermal effect to the dermal collagen fibers and stimulate the fat layer and SMAS. The result is far better than RF.

    (5).The skin will be lifted and tightened at once, and effect will last for 12-24 months.

    (6). There are no post-surgery down time and you can resume your normal activities immediately.

    (7). Easy to control and operate, no consumables, cost-saving. ultra hifu facelift beauty salon machine

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