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  • Hair Removal IPL Portable Beauty Equipment BLS1133, IPL+ Bipolar RF+ Water cycle refrigeration, RF+ IPL + skin cooling machine, IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine For Body Hair Reducing 50 W RF Beauty Equipment China Supplier

    Hair Removal IPL Portable Beauty Equipment Specifications:

    Part No. BLS1133
    beauty salon equipment ipl rf beauty equipment
    E light IPL+ Bipolar RF+ Water cycle refrigeration
    E light energy 10-50J/cm2 (IPL) 10-50J/m2 (RF)
    E light power 1600W
    IPL light energy
    Tender skin and Acne : 560-1200nm
    Dispel capillary vessel and Dispel spot: 530-1200nm
    Hair removal: 640-1200nm
    RF Output model Bipolar RF
    RF power ≤50w
    RF Band 500ms-9500ms
    IPL spot 8x40mm
    IPL gun head 50000 times
    IPL Discharge interval 3-5sContinuous adjustable, step 1 second
    IPL Pulse number 1-6T
    IPL Pulse cycle 1-4S
    IPL Pulse width 1.0-9.9ms, 0.1ms step
    IPL Pulse interval 05-99ms, 5ms step
    Cooling mode
    Closed loop forced water cooling, Air-source heat exchange

    The e-light treatment applications :
    1, Rejuvenation: improve the forehead, face, arms, abdomen, legs and other rough skin, enhance skin elasticity, whitening tender
    2, Hair removal: armpit hair, beard, hair, limbs, Bikini bob line etc affect the beauty hair
    3, Dispel spot: freckles, chloasma, freckle, chloasma, sunburn, senile plaque dermal patches, birthmarks and partial pigmentation
    4, Acne removing: facial, shoulder, chest, waist, buttocks and other parts of bacterial acne
    5, Dispel capillary vessel: congenital capillary vessel, capillary vessel after change skin , red face, erythema, skin allergies and sensitivities.

    The e-light Treatment principle :
    E light core technology :RF+ IPL + skin cooling. hair removal cost
    in the E light technology, the IPL energy plays a guiding role to guide RF focus on the target tissue, and strengthen the target tissue RF absorption in the case of low light intensity . Surface contact cooling technology of the Treatment probe to eliminate the thermal effect caused due to light is too strong and to increase the impedance of the epidermis , reducing the epidermal absorption of RF energy ,
    so that curative effect and safety are greatly improved, and the target tissue of light color as effective.

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