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/Fractional Microneedling Radio Frequency Device DeAge EX
  • Fractional Microneedling Radio Frequency Device DeAge EX
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    Fractional Microneedling Radio Frequency Device DeAge EX TECHNICAL PARAMETERS
    Part No. BLS1345
    Irradiation type Fractional RF (Invasive/Non-invasive modes)
    Pulse frequency 0.7 à 2Hz
    Pulse duration 1~100ms
    Output Frequency 1MHz, bipolar
    Density 49 dots (Needles 7×7)
    Operative modes Invasive/Non-invasive
    Treatment area 225mm2 (15mmx15mm)
    Needle dept control 0.1~4mm
    Electrical requirements 100/220V, single phase, 50/60Hz
    Weight and dimensions 270 x 430 x 1000mm, 20Kgs
    Screen LCD Color Touchscreen of 8.4 inches

    New DeAgeEX is promising technique for the treatmeat of dermis area DS-10R

    Needle ablative
    Touch Non-ablative
    The Latest Fractional RF Technique
    Optimizing the strong points for RF Fractional Laser


    Adoption of insulated NEEDLE without damage of epidermis minimizes DOWNTIME.
    Application of high density energy reduces irradition time of high frequency and shortens the treatment time epochally resulting in increasing the treatment effect and minimizing pain.
    NEEDLE INSERT system accessible to both AUTOMATIC mode and convenience according to the lesion and treatment area.
    Application of powerful motor to insert NEEDLE enables you to insert NEEDLE uniformly even for curved dermis.
    Optimized treatment for the purpose of DERMIS COAGULATION shows an excellent effect in the treatment of gular suture, laugh line, philtrum wrinkle, ect which were difficult to treat with other devices.

    Treatment Process

    Contact handpiece on epidermis.
    Insert MICRONEEDLE upon contracting hadpiece. (Possible to control the length of MICRONEEDLE)
    Produce stimulation by MICRONEEDLE.
    GIve an momentary irradiation of HIGH RF ENERGY on treatment area.


    -Facial lifting
    -Acne treatment
    -Skin Tightening
    -Skin Resurfacing

    Strong point and Features of DeAge-EX treatment
    1. Sophisticate and fast treatment of convenience
    Treatment depth is allowed to adjust from 0.1mm to 4.0mm in 0.1mm.
    2. Precise treatment
    Designed to be adjustable power in detail by stage 1~100(Low to high power) and enables you to obtain the convenience of various treatment.
    3. Total facial care system
    Beam by the direct treatment of dermis with a true beaning is NEW TECHNOLOGY which can treat for your desired TARGET and DEPTH of DERMIS, unlike laser that impairs the dermis. DeAge-EX RF Needle Therapy Fractional RF Machine
    4. Various indications and excellent effect
    Insulation of top part contacting on epidermis of NEEDLES inserted into the epidermis can gives an accurate THERMAL DAMAGE on the practitioner’s desired treatment area and so can produce collagen through WOUND HEALING PROCESS in the dermis without giving thermal damage to epidermis. DeAge-EX Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) Device
    5. Minimize pain for treatment and no down time
    Minimizes the diameter of NEEDLE and shortens RF irradiation time that damages dermis epochally resulting in remarkably relieving pain of the patient and returning to daily life on the same day after treatment.  Hair Removal 808nm Laser Diode Beauty Equipment
    6. Shot counter feature
    Convenient OPERATION SYSTEM to predict the post-operation after treatment.  IPL E-light SHR OPT Hair Remove Machine
    7. Memory feature
    Memory Functions are included which offer for the convenience of treatment. Beauty Salon Nd yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

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