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  • Fractional CO2 Laser Device BLS1185, 2018 New rf fractional laser co2 / co2 fractional laser, laser co2 fractional vaginal tightening vagina tighten laser machine for acne scar vagin treatment

    Fractional CO2 Laser Device Specifications:

    Part No. BLS-1185
    Item Name Fractional CO2 Laser
    Voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Power 40W
    Wavelength 10600nm
    Laser apparatus Sealed off laser device simulated by direct current
    Spot size 0.02~0.05mm2
    Aiming beam: Red semiconductor laser (635nm, less than 5mw)
    Beam transport device Articulated arm with 7-joint and balance weight
    Working mode Continuous operation
    Output Mode Continuous, single pulse, interval pulse and super pulse
    Scan scope Max 20mmx20mm
    Scan graphics Circle, triangle, square, rectangle,hexagon, ellipse, line
    Scanning Mode Random , Normal and Midsplit scan
    Scanning speed More than 10m/s
    Energy 1- 40W
    Distance 0.1-2.6mm
    Cooling system Water and air circulation
    Relative humidity Less than 80%
    Weight 60kg
    Packing Size 65*48*117cm

    What is Fractional CO2 Laser?

    CO2 Fractional laser is the most advanced conceptual fractional CO2 skin peeling laser system with a wavelength of 10600nm. In addition to its fine skin-peeling effect, it can effectively penetrate the laser beam into the dermis . It is the most beneficial skin recovery system and can achieve the long-term effect of collagen remodeling as well as improvement of aged skin conditions due to exposure to light. It can be very safely applied to various types of scars compared to the existing 100% total layer skin peeling lasers (CO2 or Er: YAG). In addition, it does not require a long period of recovery or side effects. It can remodel various types of deformed scars and skin tissue very effectively.

    How it works?

    It concerntrated trearmal heating of the vaginal tissue inner layers induces collagen and elastine contraction and regeneration of these proteins in the longer term. These molecular signal activate the entire wound healling process of the body’s local immune system. The treatment outcome is the complete remodeling of the vaginal tissue in addition to re-establishment of firm “young like” vaginal tissue embedded with string-like, thick and long collagen fibers.


    To Vaginal
    Shrink vagina: rapid tightening, constriction, lasting firmness.
    Beautify vagina: dilute pigment, pink labia.
    Moist vagina: increase secretion, eliminate dryness.
    Maintenance vagina: deep rejuvenation, prevent aging.
    Improve sensitivity.
    Private health, balance PH, improve the internal environment.

    To Skin
    Scars/ Acne Scars
    Stretch marks
    Brown Spots
    Moles/Skin Tags
    Pearly Penile Papules
    Saggy Skin
    Skin Cancer
    Sun Damage

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