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  • Fotona Beauty SPA Fractional Co2 Laser Equipment BLS1185, Scar Removal Co2 Fractional Laser System, Fractional Co2 Laser for Scar Removal Equipment, Ultrapulse Fractional Co2 Laser

    Fotona Beauty SPA Fractional Co2 Laser Equipment Specifications:
    Part No. BLS-1185
    Item Name Fractional CO2 Laser
    Wavelength: 10600nm
    Laser apparatus: Sealed off laser device simulated by direct current
    Optical beam quality: TEM00
    Output power: 40w
    Spot size: 0.02~0.05mm2
    Aiming beam: Red semiconductor laser (635nm, less than 5mw)
    Beam transport device: Articulated arm with 7-joint and balance weight
    Working mode: Continuous operation
    Output Mode: Continuous, single pulse, interval pulse and super pulse
    Scan scope: Max 20mmx20mm
    Scan graphics: Circle, triangle, square, rectangle,hexagon, ellipse, line
    Scanning Mode: Random , Normal and Midsplit scan
    Scanning speed: More than 10m/s
    Energy: 1- 40W
    Distance: 0.1-2.6mm
    Cooling system: air circulation
    Weight: 60kg
    Dimension: 65*48*117cm
    Power: 220V/11V

    CO2 laser system

    The CO2 laser with a specific wavelength of 10.6 nm can be absorbed by human body tissue (no matter what color the skin is) by nearly 100%. Through laser emitter, the micropulsed laser beam shoots on the target skin in nanometer level to achieve a controllable precise treatment .The dimension of shooting area only can be measured in nanometer, which is precise enough for operators to control and adjust the treated depth and layer according to the clinical diagnosis.

    The energy of CO2 laser is even and steady. Its focused energy aims only at target tissue without any injury to surroundings. It is the heat and electromagnetic effect of the laser that people use to conduct non-blood or less-blood cutting, cauterizing, gasification and accurate microsurgery so as to avoid skin burnt. During the treatment, biochemical reactions of optical-thermal accelerate collagen reproduction and skin recovery, after exfoliation of the tiny scar; fresh and smooth skin can be regenerated.
    The device outputs invisible laser. In order to operate with more ease, red semiconductor laser has been added to indicate. laser co2 fractional vaginal tightening machine


    1. Remove acne, scar, stretch mark and pigments;
    2. Dispel wrinkle around the eyes, crow’ s-feet, and wrinkle formed by lack of wate;
    3. Effectively reduce the wrinkle on the face, forehead, the joints and striae gravidarum;
    4. Dispel freckle, nevus zygomaticus and other spots formed by hyperchromic pathological changes;
    5. Tighten skin and lift face;
    6. Remove striae gravidarum and other deep scars.
    7. Vaingal tighten and rejuvenation

    Our advantages:

    1) USA imported RF metal tube laser generator 40W, high quality excellent performance
    2) Three heads: fractional head aiming at scar stretch mark and wrinkle removal, freckle and nevus; cutting head mainly at hyperplastic scar, very professional and targeted; vaginal head optional for vaginal tighten, skin rejuvenation.
    3) Seven different size and different shape treatment figures aiming at various parts,six Joint arm convenient to operate.
    4) Rotatable 10” Color Touch Screen can display customer’s LOGO freely, very professionaland easy to operate.
    5) Fractional and normal two models, easier to operate and more professional.
    6) 15 languages included, English, Spanish etc.
    7) 16 years beauty machine manufacturer, can do OEM & ODM.