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  • Far Infrared Ems Therapy Lymphatic Drainage Vacuum Pressotherapy Equipment
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  • Far Infrared Ems Therapy Lymphatic Drainage Vacuum Pressotherapy Equipment BLS1220, pressotherapy slimming machine, pressotherapy slimming beauty equipment air compression massage leg pressotherapy equipment Made in China Exporter

    Far Infrared Ems Therapy Lymphatic Drainage Vacuum Pressotherapy Equipment technical parameters
    Part No. BLS1220
    Feature Anti-Puffiness,Cellulite Reduction,Detox,Weight Loss
    Operation System Infrared
    Type Pressotherapy & far infrared & EMS
    feature screen
    function Gas wave massage
    Plus Far infrared function
    more Low frequency electro stimulation
    clothes Safety and Electricity and fire prevention
    total weight 34KG
    technology Pressotherapy & far infrared & EMS
    supply voltage 220/110/230V
    attaching plug standard of china,us,uk

    This product mainly has three major functions:
    1. The air bag breath in and breath out air regularly:which makes the air pressure change constantly,so the pressure begin to compress skin and fat.
    2. Far infrared function:The infrared thermal radiation can directly have effect on fat tissue,which makes fat cells dissolve into liquid form,at the same time,it give off large amount of heat energy which activate blood,lymph cycle,promote metabolism,speed up biological and chemical reaction,consume ATP,and reduce fat.
    3. Low frequency electro stimulation: By creating electric pulse to stimulate special points on the body, EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) can effectively regulate bio-electric and endocrine system and accelerate metabolism, reaching remarkable effect of weight losing and skin tightening.

    Effect :
    1 ,Decomposition,excretion,and shrinkage of fat ;
    2 ,Lymphatic detoxification ;
    3 ,Inflammation,pain relief, good for tissues regeneration, scar
    softening and so on ;
    4 ,Viscera functions adjustment and shape slimming ;
    5 ,Fatigue alleviation,immunity strengthening.
    1.8 inch color touch screen, beautiful interface, simple and convenient operation ;
    2.Inflatable way, programmable control, simulation massage,drainage flexible;
    3.Design flow 40L/min, equipped with pneumatic flow regulation;
    4.Far infrared radiation, temperature, PID regulation;
    5.Brand isolation transformer, high power output, bionic current, multiple circuit feedback regulation, isolated protection, absolute safety;
    6.Built in ten gas waves output;
    7.Built in ten bionic current output ;
    8.High safety and good operation. “Lymphatic detoxification” hand care is a very professional way of beauty, professional beauty salons senior beautician to carry out, otherwise it may directly harm the human body, and the high cost. The instrument is simple,gentle and safe, and can be operated by a general beautician.

    Our company possess an area 3000 square meters and our staff more than 15% are bachelor’s degree and more than 30% are junior college degree .our company have strong technical development department and many experienced engineers;our company have many PE experts; professional purchasing department;good clinical test department ;good after-sale service department. Far Infrared & EMS Air Pressotherapy Slimming Machine
    With its strong research and develop power,our company is constantly increasing investment in research and development of new products and producing new products according to the demand of new beauty machine market.Our company have been approved by CE certificate,ISO9000 approval and earned several patents of our products.products sells well all over the world ,such as in whole China, in Southeastern Asia,Mid East,Europe and North America and also gets highly praise from most customers because of high good quality.we have the ability to design and produce the high quality medical beauty machine, we produce and give customer the best quality .you create market and we produce,this is our company most advantage.
    Welcome customers come to our company to do OEM/ODM.

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