Thermage Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine

/Thermage Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine
  • Cooling Thermage Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine
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  • Cooling Thermage Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine BLS1131, Thermagic Fractional RF Cavitation Skin Rejuvenation Machine, Thermal RF Cavitation Home Use Anti Wrinkle Machine, Thermal SkinⅡ, Multifunctional Skin Care Fractional RF Cavitation Machine Cellulite Removal Device China Supplier

    Cooling Thermage Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine Specifications

    Part No. BLS1131
    Frequency 10Mhz
    Display 8 inch touch screen
    Cooling temperature -5 to 10 centidegree
    Modes of fractional rf 4 modes for different skin
    Fractional rf tips 6 different size of tips for different areas
    Cavitation frequency 36Khz
    Cavitation modes 4 modes for different cellulite
    EMS frequency 1000Hz
    Package size 45*50*42cm

    Thermal SkinⅡis the multifunctional machine combines Fractional RF with 6 different tips for face and eyes,Fractional RF for body,Eelectronic Vibration for face before the fractional tips treatment,as well as the Cavitation treatment.this machine till now is the newest perfect combination machine for skin rejuvenation and cellulite removal machine in the beauty market.

    More information about the Fracitonal RF

    Fractional RF Is Effective On

    The Eyes– hooding,fine lines and even our brow line can make us look worn-down.thermal rf treats the upper and lower eyelids to help you look more youthful and rested
    The Face – as we age, phrases like “turkey neck”, loose jowls, sagging skin and “what happened to my jawline?” creep in.thermal rf smooths lines and wrinkles and remodels collagen for the overall health of the skin
    The Body– aging doesn’t just affect the skin on our faces, our bodies see the effects too, with crepey, sagging skin and unwanted bulges and dimples. Thermal rf is a non-invasive way to smooth the skin on our bodies and even temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite thermal rf.

    How Fractional RF Treatments Fit

    Fractional rf is for when you want to tackle the effects of aging on your skin.You want to look younger and you want real results –but don’t want the overly drastic change or extended downtime that comes with surgery. thermagic fractional rf machine

    Fractional RF Fits Into Any Lifestyle And Your Current Beauty Regimen
    A single treatment that delivers results.
    Non-invasive and clinically proven to be safe.
    Minimal downtime, so it’s easy to fit into your routine.
    Real change you just can’t get from lotions and creams.
    Targeted, effective treatment that can help address the signs ofaging on many areas of the body.

    Cavitation With Auto Chasing 36Khz For Deep Cellulite Removal

    Cavitation is a natural phenomenon based on low frequency ultradound. The ultradound field creates the bubbles in the liquid,which gradually grow,and implode at certain size.The energy in the form of heat (minor effect)and pressure wave(major effect) is released.
    As to the menbranes of fat cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations.The effective of cavitation easily breaks them,while sparing the vascular,nervous and muscular tissure.the result is instand fat loss by this multifunction beauty equipment. Cooling Thermage Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine


    This hand pieces designed for the treatment before fractional RF.B efore the fractional rf treatment,it is better that the skin be stimulated and massage in order to get outstanding fractional RF treatment results, Slimming Equipment.

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