UVKILL Cleaning Tool Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box for Home Safety

/UVKILL Cleaning Tool Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box for Home Safety
  • UVKILL Cleaning Tool Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box for Home Safety
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  • Cleaning Tool Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box for Home Safety BLS1298 , UV Ultraviolet LED Sterilizer Sanitization Box for Razors,Nail Scissors,Glasses,Make Up Tools, UVKILL Homemade UV Sterilizer Beauty Disinfector Box, Portable UV-Clean LED Light Sanitizer

    Why do you need a UVKILL Cleaning Tool Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box?

    Premium Quality makes it good looking and practical. Attractive color design bring you good mood.
    This innovative sterilizer keeps your kid’s commonly used items sanitized and your family safe from the harmful germs that we encounter everyday.
    Great Choice for Daily Disinfection!
    * Makeup brushes, baby bottle,wipes,underwear,towel,toothbrush,cellphone,earphones,jewelry(excludes silver)
    * Beard trimmer, nail clippers, tweezers, nose hair trimmer,electric razor for men, hair brush,razors for men
    * Facial cleansing brush,nail file,mouth guard,small toys and more

    UV Ultraviolet LED Sterilizer Sanitization Box Specifications:
    Part No. BLS1298 / BLS-UVKILL-01
    Battery Type Polymer Rechargeable Battery 3.7V
    Rated sterilization time 99.9%
    sterilizing rate 150 S
    Battery standby time one month
    Usage scenario Home,Office,Car , Makert
    Item Type: Nail Art Equipment
    Material: ABS
    Color: White
    Size: approx. 24.6 * 11 * 71 cm
    Package Weight: approx. 450g
    Function: Nail Art Tools Sterilizing

    Concerned about the nasty, invisible germs that infest around you? UV Sterilizer Box brings the industrial cleaning method used by labs, restaurants and medical offices to your home! Tested Disinfecting normal, everyday items… and it does so without using harsh chemicals. Utilizing an automatic, CHEMICAL FREE process, your UV Sterilizer Box can be used repeatedly. Simply put items in, close the lid, press the start button and walk away. In 3 minutes, when the cycle is done and the unit automatically shuts off. UV Ultraviolet LED Sanitization Box

    Features of UV Light Sterilizer Box
    UV Light 360° Kills Germs/99.99% Sterilization Rate.
    USB Cable Charging/Safe And Eco-friendly.
    180secs one-touch make sterilizing simple and efficient.
    USB And Plug Double Charging Ways.
    Medical Grade UV Disinfection More Safe.
    Sterization And Storage Double Function.
    One-Touch Sterilization In Sealed Box.
    ABS Material Anti-throwing And Durable.
    Child-proof Design Light Off When Box Is Open.