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  • Chiropractic Adjusting Tool Spine Activator BLS1174, 6 Levels 4 Head Chiropractic Adjusting Gun, Massage Chiropractor Gun, Chiropractic Activator Chiropractic Adjusting Tool, chiropractic activator adjuster China Supplier

    Manual Chiropractic Adjusting Tool Gun Specifications
    Part No. BLS1174
    Type: Body Massager, Boxes
    Application: Body, Clinic,Personal use
    Name: Chiropractic Impulse Adjusting Gun
    Function: Health care
    Color: Blue, black, red, yellow, customized color
    Massage area: Whole body
    Feature: 450N
    Materials: stainless steel + ABS
    Size: 28.5*19*7.5cm
    Warranty: One Year

    Feature of Manual Chiropractic Adjusting Tool Spine Activator

    *1. This tool is a high speed, low range spine adjusting tool, it can adjust your spine and arms and legs by manual assist
    *2. It adopts uneven leg length analysis and use this tool to adjust spine
    *3. Subluxation diagnosis is detecting people’s spine and arthrosis and estimate if you have spine problems or joint shift by the reaction of your legs
    *4. This chiropractic activator adjuster is use for cervical spondylosis,lumbago and health care, etc
    *5. Level: 6 level 75N-450N
    *6. Material: ABS, Stainless Steel
    *7 Suitable For: cervical spondylosis, lumbago, health care

    The Chiropractic Technique uses the latest advances in orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations to find joint dysfunctions in the spinal column and extremities for improved patient care.

    Hurst Chiropractic uses the adjusting Instrument as well as the Impulse adjust instrument to give consistent low-force, a testament to low force patient satisfaction. physiotherapy chiropractic spine adjusting gun, manual chiropractic adjusting tool gun

    The doulbe rods 6-level body massage instrument gives you complete confidence when treating your patients
    The intrument features a complete range of force (settings 1 – 6) that allows you to effectively treat a patient.
    6 range intensity: from 50N-300N:50N,100N,150N,200N,250N,300N
    Aluminum box packaging

    Range of application:
    1, cervical spondylosis : insomnia, forgetfulness, drowsiness, ringing in the ears, neck tight, wrinkled or stiff pain, arm numbness, shoulder pain and so on.
    2, lumbar disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, sciatica, lumbar spine bone spurs, etc.
    3, thoracic disease: back pain, chest tightness, stitch, shortness of breath, palpitation and so on.
    4, Body Treatment: kyphosis, torticollis, oblique, Bottom, lymphatic massage, beauty chest
    5, scoliosis.