Blood Vessels Removal Meso Injection Gun

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  • Blood Vessels Removal Meso Injection Gun
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  • Blood Vessels Removal Meso Injection Gun BLS1182, Portable Seyo TDA Mesogun System, Portable Germany Tda Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline, Germany SEYO TDA Water Mesotherapy Gun for Skin Rejuvenation Blood Vessels Removal China Supplier

    Blood Vessels Removal Meso Injection Gun Description
    Part No. BLS1182
    Power 500W
    Voltage 110V/220V 50-60Hz
    Treatment Depth 0.2MM-5MM
    Working Mode Instant & Continuous
    Pressure 5KG/CM2-10KG/CM2
    Duration 0.5S-9.5S
    Dose 6UL-24UL
    G.W 17KG
    Measure 40*24*35Cm

    How does Seyou TDA work?

    TDA uses a patented “carrier substance” – LP3 complex. It is precisely this complex that effectively penetrates through the top layer of the skin and has the ability to transport active substances – minerals and vitamins – into the lower layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid fills wrinkles, and extracts from medicinal plants heal the skin and improve cell nutrition. Additionally, through the action of oxygen the skin is regenerated far more quickly, wounds are healed, pores are cleansed and closed, the skin is hydrated and softened. portable seyo tda mesogun

    What is the process of the treatment and how many treatments are needed?

    It is advisable to come for the treatment without make-up. Men need not shave if they have only stubble. The procedure is preceded by peeling using a special sapphire instrument, which is used to remove dead cells. Then the head is progressively applied to the face, neckline, the area around the eyes and lips, in a process in which particles of active substances are injected at supersonic speed and under high pressure. There are no contraindications for this type of treatment, either before or after the treatment. In the first phase, it is advisable to undergo the treatment at least 6-8 times per month, and then have one treatment per month for the purpose of replenishing the substances into the skin.


    1.Suit everyone and address all skin care needs
    2.supersonic speed technology
    3. Nano-nutrients can be easy absorbed
    4. Safe ,No invasive , no surgery, no downtime
    5. Hydrating facial without needles of any kind
    6. After a treatment effect is obvious