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    Beauty Machine LED Phototherapy Mask Parameters:

    Part No. BLS1149
    Technology Photon Dynamic Therapy
    Material ABS+LED beads
    Product type Vibration Photon Beauty Machine
    LED Color 3 colors(red,blue,green) to be adjustable
    Materials medical Silicone+stone needle
    Input voltage: AC100~240V/50Hz
    Output voltage: DC12V
    Output power: 10W (Max)
    Size: 28*23.8*15.3cm
    Security: 1-Type BF
    Weight: 1.6Kg
    Warranty 1 Year

    Effects of led facial mask for skin

    a. Kill bacteria that cause spots and pimples
    b. Great alternative to oral medications
    c. Prevent breakouts
    d. Minimize scarring
    e. LED light mask is very effective for kinds of skin care treatments.


    a.Easy to operate with full touch screen (3 programs included).
    b. Maximum Power Control Program -15 minutes.
    c. Smart design to place the handles on the case.
    d. Non invasive treatment and totally safe.
    e. Frequency adjustable on the screen to re-adjust the handle.
    f. Electro stimulation treatment Included.

    Red light penetrates deeply into your skin and helps to increase blood flow, hilst also stimulating collagen and elastin production. This helps to firm skin, creating a more youthful appearance. It is useful for
    * Skin rejuvenation
    * Skin healing
    * Sun damaged skin
    * Wrinkle reduction
    * Skin tightening
    * Rosacea
    * Skin toning tightening and texturing

    Blue light at a specific wavelength is helpful for acne and spots as it is able to eliminate certain bacteria, such as P-acnes, which cause colonisation of spots.

    Blue light also stabilises oil production and is soothing for irritated skin. This mode is helpful for
    * Acne
    * Antimicrobial treatment
    * Wound Healing
    * Skin Rejuvenation

    The final mode is using a blend of the two coloured lights, again with infra-red and is helpful for
    * Acne
    * Antimicrobial treatment
    * Wound Healing
    * Skin Rejuvenation
    * Pain relief

    After The LED Face Mask Treatment
    There is a very small chance your skin may be slightly pink for up to an hour after treatment,but this is unusual. The low risk of side effects makes this a perfect lunchtime treatment.

    During The LED Face Mask Treatment
    During the treatment your skin may feel slightly warm, and you will see coloured light emitted by the mask. This is not damaging to your eyesight.
    You may feel slight tingling if you are having treatment in the galvanic mode. 3 colors skin rejuvenation bio led face mask

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