Beauty Emslim Portatil Ems Body Slimming Muscle Stimulation Hi-emt Device

/Beauty Emslim Portatil Ems Body Slimming Muscle Stimulation Hi-emt Device
  • Beauty Emslim Portatil Ems Body Slimming Muscle Stimulation Hi-emt Device
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  • Beauty Emslim Portatil Ems Body Slimming Muscle Stimulation Hi-emt Device BLS1326, 4 handles muscle body building HIPEM emslim Electromagnetic Muscle Building Fat Burning Machine, 4 Handles HIEMT emslim device, Electromagnetic slimming emslim fat reduction muscle toning machine China Supplier

    Beauty Emslim Portatil Ems Body Slimming Muscle Stimulation Hi-emt Device Parameter
    Part No. BLS1326
    Item 4 handles hiemt
    Functions:fat reduce,muscle toning
    Handles:2/4 handles, with cushion or chair
    output frequency:27.12mhz
    pulse width:300us
    muscle contraction:>20000 times
    work mode:5 mode
    Intensity:0-7 tesla

    The machine emits high-intensity electromagnetic pulses to force muscular contractions—the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes—thus strengthening muscle fibers in a previously impossible amount of time. The fat loss—a 19 percent reduction.
    It uses High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic energy to activate muscle contractions, buttock lifting, fat burning.
    It has two applicators, which can be used individually or simultaneously on either the abdomen or buttocks.
    No downtime, no redness, no swelling!

    Working Therpay

    2020 Newest desgin EMSlim Body slimming High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic (HIPEM) technology for body slimming, firming and fat burning. Professional device for beauty salons and physicians who want to offer their clients the most up to date and effective non-invasive body contouring treatments.. Ems Electromagnetic Slimming Sculpting Beauty Equipment

    EMSlim Body slimming builds muscle and burns fat at the same time. Electromagnetic pulses induce supramaximal muscle contractions which force muscle tissue to adapt, leading to an increase in muscle growth while burning fat though lipolysis. Ems Fat Burning Emslim Body Sculpting Beauty Equipment


    EMSLIM NEO is based on an applicator simultaneously emitting synchronized RF and HI-EMT+ energies.
    Due to the radio frequency heating, the muscle temperature quickly raises by several degrees.This prepares muscles for exposure to stress,similar to what a warm up activity does before any workout. In less than 4 minutes, the temperature in subcutaneous fat reaches levels that cause apoptosis, i.e. fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body. Clinical studies showed on average a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat.
    Bypassing the brain limitations, HI-EMT+ energy contracts the muscle fibers in the area at intensities that are not achievable during voluntary workout.Extreme stress forces the muscle to adapt,resulting in an increase in the number and growth of muscle fibers and cells. Clinical studies showed on average 25% muscle volume increase.

    1. With Synchronized RF and HI-EMT Combination Technology to achieve the results of fat loss and muscle building. Electromagnetic EMSlim 4 Handle Hiemt for Body Slimming&Muscle Stimulator
    2. 25% more muscle on average, 30% less fat on average by course of treatment
    3. Stronger energy, 2800w
    4. Machine display 18 inches, convenient and intelligent operation modes
    5. Both vertical and portable 4 handles available
    6. Super air cooling
    7. Total safe non invasive treatment

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